8 July 2014, Tokyo, Japan - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Tokyo, Japan?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band love to read your reviews!

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... How beautiful experienced!

Thank you very much Mr. Steve Vai, Mr. Dave Weiner, Mr. Philip Bynoe, Mr. Jeremy colson, Mr.support-AcousticGuitarPlayer, and Backstage-staff everyone.

※I'm sorry if my English is difficult to understand. This is my first script of English.

I went to the show at TokyoBillboard in 2days(1st, 2nd, and 4th stage).
That night, gently-elegant-JazzClub was full of more than 100 Rock'nRoll-Psychedelic-People(put on various Rock-T-shirt and faded-jeans pants, with long hairs...young and adult and old).
And Steve's White-Brilliant-Guitars "Evo" and "Flo" was flolic around, screamed shrill voice loudly and laughed like a mad man all night....in gently....elegant-ly.... Club.
Nice Nice Verrrrry Nice!!
That's Legend....or incident. Wow!!

Mr.Steve Vai and his Band played exciting show(as usuals before).
Steve given us the unique warming sound with guitar...he made us smile.
And the other side, He terrified us with horrible sound-effect of "Gravity-Storm"(like a dead man's scream of Inferno).
That was exciting!

Started show with "Racing..." "Velorum" and "Building The Chirch" is good to me.
"Weeping china dool" was bring me catharsis like a...my anguish's purify.
I realized that [She(main character of this tune) and me was saved].
"Moon and I" is a love song... Steve said. That day, I could understand to What he say.

We profoundly enjoyed "answers", "Taurus Bulba". and Special-Costume of "The Ultra-zone"(Domo-arigato-Mr. Robot).

especially, "Whispering a Prayer(played at 4th stage)" is most fantastic performance in that night.
Steve seemed to be played with...good consentration and passion.
He created soft, kindly and delicate sound...that I ever heard before.
(It was so beautiful that played in japan last year. and this day's perform was more more Brilliant... I thought.)
I felt like I was being hugged by Phrases(music-motto).
I losed myself in happiness and great euphoria.
I couldn't stop my tears fallin'....really.

at TokyoBillboard,
It's too difficult for us that behave "a usual rock-concert audience".
(standing and claping hands, singing and call 'Steeeve Vaaai!' to stage)
Cause We had to sit on the ponderous leather Chair and expensive wood table.
We were subjected to rigid mood...to make matters worse, We're Japanese.

Dear Mr. Steve Vai.
I warried about that you maybe feeling sometimes [was Japan-audiences not enjoyed?].
If it's so, I'm sorry.
Please trust me...in realy, we fun and exited of your show.
You destroyed our gloom of "Rainy Days and Monday(Tuesday)".
Thank you so much.

When I watching your stage, anytime ,I feel Happy and branched myself.
I want to sincere attitude toward to Music.
I want to makes lots of people happy.
I realy want to good-friend terms between music-partner(Cello).
...like you. like Steve Vai.

Thank you great show for us.
We want to you coming Japan next yea...mnn, next MONTH!
We hope your ConsideraaatioooNNN. Hahaha!

That aside, We wont to see you again soon.
That is our true feelin'.

Worm regards.
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