10 May 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands - AGS Master Class

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Did you attend this Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class?
Please post your reviews here!

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Het there,

The masterclass/ clinic was very inspiring in my opinion.
Steve talked for 3 hours plus about lots of stuff like where and how to get inspiration and how to manage your time while practicing. There was a cool , almost mindfulness feeling to the whole thing and left everyone feeling happy and fulfilled . I hoped to hear him play more songs, since he only played one song at the beginning of the event and left us with " For the love of god" at the end, after a somewhat " rushed " jamsession.
I did get to play during that Jam ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDby8rnImFU" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;),
but was hoping to play one of my own songs for him and the audience as stated in the description of the masterclass where it said " one could play either a : " vai " tune or an original song as long as it was well studied/rehearsed and sounded like music. Vai would then criticize the player or give tips I reckon.
But all was good in the end!

Afterwards he came to the lobby to talk to everyone and sign stuff and take pictures.
I was happy to finally meet him, and jam with him on the same day/ occasion!
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