27 April 2014, Saint Petersburg, Russia - Story of Light

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?
Please post your reviews here!

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I have indulged myself into the event.
and Mr. Vai was amazing :guitar
I expected something with two violins (like Where the wild things are) but it turned out an amazing show.
the folks (the security included!) were stunned when Steve put a guitar on that girl (Irene, I guess) and played on her.
And it's been ages since I saw him playing with his tongue.
I sincerely do hope that the audience inspired Steve to get back real soon.


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Steve! Come to Nizhny Novgorod! :guitar
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The show was fan-tastic!)))
See some photos here
http://darkside.ru/report/7354/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

..and nope, not Irene.
My name was Kate))))))))))
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:guitar I attend that SHOW and i'd been absolutely happy during two or three hours (I don’t remember how long the show was, because time stopped then). It was the Best show i’ve ever seen. And i think that Mr. Vai is a Perfection: all his motions, music and what he doing at the scene have a balance, and even if he jokes about not perfect things it sounds nice and very funny. I think I’ve never forget this show, also because there was a short autograph-session, thanks to PR-manager of that performance, where we took Mr.Vai’s signs. To my mind Steve has a new level of doing-show (if I can say like that in English) he and his band works as a one organism, and they involving all the auditory in the show. I think I’ll remember forever Steve’s eyes, when he looked at the visitors of the performance, it seemed to me that he looked into the eyes of every person in the room. So that show was absolutely unforgettable.
P.S. And i cannot understand how he can play the way he plays: i could understand it when, for example, you stand steel it’s believable to play all that extremely complex stuff of notes, but Mr.Vai doing it with his body at the same time. So i think it’s a kind of magic, and Mr.Vai is a Magician!!! And i expect that there will be one day when He come back to St.Petersburg again.
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