3 December 2013 - Bogota, Colombia - Story of Light Tour

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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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:D I just came back from the concert and the sensations are still here. What an amazing performance! For those who were waiting for years for him to come sure it was worth it. People were really grateful and the musicians played brilliant! So much talent there... amazing!

The show started at 8 o'clock, and the chords from Racing the World showed up. I was in some of the upper part of the place with my cousins but the visibility was excelent. Steve was a great showman and he even played some jokes with the musicians, saying things like he was to call Joe S. to perform in the future here and so... Jeremy, Mr. Weiner and Co. also had the chance to show their skills in the show and the attenders were quite receptive to their performance. Seeing Mr. Colson playing on a helmet was really funny but at the same time we could see his drumming talent. The Ultra Zone show was really amazing. That LED suit was awesome. "Whispering a prayer" was sure the most moving part of the concert, were everybody gave a huge ovation to Steve and his band for a long time. I even shed tears of emotion. It was really an emotive moment. Alejandra and Arturo were the lucky ones who came up to play the "new song" stuff. I wish I could be up there but they did it fine though. There were 3 hours of show and the wish he comes back to make up all those missing years of his talent (and his band, of course!).

Thank you Steve for finally coming to Colombia. We really hope you come back soon again!

Oscar L. :guitar
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The show was three days ago and still have it in my mind...

Amaizing show, amaizing performance... my girlfriend and i where there and we still comment the great show that it was. Yes, it took to long to come to Colombia but totally worth it...
I remember that i was crying when i heard "building the church", "tender surrender", "whispering a prayer" (oh God!, what amaizing and emotive moment was that song) and "for the love of God" that song was the "special one" for me... I was waiting for "bad horsie", now i hope Steve play that song next time...

Hope Steve really call to Mr. Satriani (maybe he said that as a joke, but J.S. came here in year 2008) to come and play a greatest show ever (I remember when Steve went out from the theater that we were waiting by him (just a few) and we were crying out: "G3, G3, G3..." Men! a G3 here will be amaizing... just saying)

Hope Steve come again to Colombia with his amaizing band for another epic show ever!... :guitar

Giovany G.
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