1 December 2013 - Carcacas, Venezuela - Story of Light Tour

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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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I never though I could See Steve Vai In Venezuela, maybe there are some missing songs for me but It does not matter at all when you have a genius playing the guitar, my fav part of the concert was the "build me a song" very funny that the girl's name was unameable (after a lot of hard trying Vai said to the girl: "... Can I just call you sussan? :oops: " ) was magical ambiance with Whispering A Prayer that effect tune was awesome!!!. I rocked very hard while hearing "Gravity Storm", I wanted to hear from new album "Sunshine Electric Raindrops", but never came Up :(. Fuck man that ligthing custome was incredible I almost pee my pants!

So Christmas Exist!! I saw Steve Fucking Vai at caracas in December 1st 2013!!!!!! :headbang

Hope Steve and his fans enjoy these photographies that with humility and love I share

Ernesto Alamilla
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First time in Venezuela and my girlfriend and i manage to see you. Amazing show, unforgetable, a beautiful experience.

We worked so hard to get those tickets, i was scared when i was going to buy them, cause it was saturday and i was like "omg i need to find two good tickets" and god granted me with two tickets and at a very good location, and your show sir, your show was the perfect award to our efforts.

We cry, scream, laugh, jump, smile, it was amazing, this was a special moment, a dream come true, and both of us will remember it until the end of the days.

Thank you for all this happiness

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Carlos Enrique
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Mark my words guys.... THE BEST SHOW EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 1st 2013 Caracas, Venezuela. The best day of my life!

The show was amazing, perfect set list, perfect stage, perfects lights, perfect Band!

Thank you so much for this Steve-o!

like i said you before that day in the Evo Experience...

"24 years waiting for this very day! a dream come true! tanx a lot!"

The Evo Experience was out of this world!!!
The show was also.. Out of this planet!!!

and then... the opportunity to come up on the stage with Steve, and make the "Build me a song" was completely Amazing!

I still have my big smile on my face!

Thank you 1.000.000 times! You completely Rock!!
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