28 November 2013 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Story of Light Tour

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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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Hello everybody,

I enjoyed the Guadalajara concert a lot. I was very happy when I learned Steve would return to Guadalajara, because I think you’ve already been here, at “Fermatta” music academy, in the past, right?, but I am not very sure it was an open event like your “Story Of Light 2013 Tour”.

Although I don’t have all your CD’s, I consider “Passion and Warfare” my favourite, and after watching your live performances on The Netherlands ( “Sound Theories Vol. I” ) with a live orchestra, I really hoped you would play “For the Love of God”. What a memorable and amazing performance !. A pity you didn’t perform the funny songs from “Flex-Able Leftovers”. Ha ha ha !.

Another highlight from the concert was your communication with the audience. Those on the first rows must have had a hell of a time. Thank you for thanking us, your fans.

Very few artists/musicians who have come to Mexico have played/performed for two hours or more ( right now, I can only remember swedish metal band “Therion” ), and still it is a pity when the party is over. So, if you ever return back to Guadalajara, feel like home and let me know if I can show you and your band ( Philip, Dave and Jeremy ) some interesting places in the city. Thank you again, and come back soon.
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