16 November 2013 - Baton Rouge, LA - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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I was so excited that Steve brought his tour to Baton Rouge - I have traveled all over the country to hear him so this was a real treat. The venue, the Varsity, is small and intimate so there was no bad seat in the house!! And I was also amazed at how controlled the sound was - I was expecting it to be way too loud for the venue but the sound man did a really good job (it was still loud but not as loud as many of his concerts). I was also amazed that Steve still found room to move around, spin, dance, and do his thing in the limited space he had. He played amazingly well, as always - as did the whole band. Everyone gets to shine - and I highly recommend getting Dave's acoustic CD, on sale at the concert. And thanks for playing several of my favs!

I always like to participate in the EVO experience and this time it was EXCEPTIONAL. Some people who didn't do EVO asked me, while we were in line to get back in for the concert, if it was worth the money. I told them to never pass up that opportunity. We had plenty of time with Steve, even with his son, Fire, trying to keep him on schedule - which he did. Great questions from the audience, and Steve, I think it's time to write a book (get a ghost writer so you can just keep doing what you need to music wise). Your response to one question I hope everyone noted - You mentioned that you live within your means - a lot of people need to hear that. And to my question about how you mentally and physically do this 6 nights a week hit home for anybody's career. And I still say you are a marketing genius and we LOVE that you think of new stuff for us to have - it's like Apple, give the clients what they want and they will buy it. Thanks for adding some ladies Tees - but don't forget - many of us are not little junior sizes!! Then the soundcheck was so cool as the band worked on a new song and tried to find the groove - watching them work together was just the best! And, as always, I like to not having to battle the crowd to get to the front so getting to get in the venue before everyone else is always a treat. Thanks for continuing to provide the EVO experience for us!

Oh, and thanks for letting us take photos - that was really fun. If someone would tell me how to upload a photo s here I would post some. Right now you can see them on my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/wattam/media_s ... 344&type=1" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

All in all, GREAT show, great band, fun times. I want to know about the concert date for playing with the Colorado Symphony - I think that's another road trip in the making for us!!
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Last but not least! Third show! This show was my favorite! I had purchased EVO packages for my boyfriend
and I. The club was intimate and the fans I met were really cool! The meet and greet was the best!
It was great getting a chance to ask Steve questions. Again, I was impressed by his kindness. He cares about his fans it is very obvious! Then attending soundcheck, I have been fortunate to have done this twice before but this time was even more special to me. :guitar :guitar :guitar :guitar
Got Steve's autograph and another picture with him to add to my collection. We also met Fire. He was really sweet, we enjoyed taking to him also, and wegot a picture together. I was one of the four girls that Steve picked to help create a song. I wanted to faint! I was so excited! It was a dream come true for me. I have been a fan of Steve's music for twenty four years. I was the one who had to create Steve's part.
I went blank. I couldn't think of anything to sing! Steve was kind and patient and helped me stumble through. Hearing him say my name to the crowd was so exciting! I loved every minute of the show and now I was on stage with Steve and his band :headbang It was the best night of my life!
Thank you Steve, Dave, Jeremy, and Phil! Love you guys!!!
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that would be super if we have the set list on here!
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