13 November 2013 - Birmingham, AL - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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I had a great time at the Birmingham show last night! The one and only time I saw Steve previously was a looooooong time ago (~25 years??) with David Lee Roth on the Eat 'em and Smile Tour in Utica, NY. Last night, he promised everyone a night of fun and certainly delivered. Steve's performance was stellar, as always. The rest of the band was incredible too! Was especially impressed by bassist Philip Bynoe. For me, the highlights of the evening were the performance of "For The The Love of God" and the improvised song/jam. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mr. Vai and company in the future!!
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INCREDIBLE. The performance blew me away. I've found myself grinning uncontrollably as I've told people about it lol. Next time Vai comes to the SE, you better bet I'm taking time off and buying tickets to those venues lol.

I have to say though, the kick drum and bass guitar were too strong in the mix, at times they actually overwhelmed the main guitar. It didn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of the show, but I wish the sound tech had balanced things a little better!

And yes Steve, the performance of Whispering a Prayer was that good :).
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