9 November 2013 - Cincinnati, OH - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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Looking forward to the show Saturday nite at Bogart's . Got my EVO package and VIP seat all taken care of. Hope the acoustics aren't as bad as I have heard

Last time I saw the band was in September in St Louis and it was one of the most moving shows I have ever attended

Hoping that the Cincinnati show comes close to that

Hoping for some setlist surprises ("Get the Hell Outta Here!") :guitar

This band absolutely blows the roof off every night ! :headbang :guitar
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I had the good fortune of seeing Steve again last night at Bogart's in Cincinnati.
Bogart's is a smallish venue that holds maybe 700- 900 people plus another 300 upstairs.
Steve took the stage at 8:30 (advertised start time) and proceeded to play 3+ hours of his guitar
Steve and the band were their perfect selves. They performed a large portion of the new album plus
a mix of Steve's works spanning his career.

I'd like to pay Steve a compliment: I have seen him several times and I have never felt like he has"mailed it in".
Steve always appears that he in enthralled in the music and giving it his all to create the sounds from his guitar. He is always gracious to the audience and never condescending. I assume he understands that many in his audience are musicians themselves that aren't as lucky to possess the talents he does.

If you get the chance to see him, do it. We drove 4 hours to see him and it was worth every mile.
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The band's performance was typical... flawless and thoroughly spectacular. No need to describe it any other way.

Bogart's is a terrible venue in a terrible part of town and the band made the best out of it

Steve's band has officially moved to the top of my (very very short) list of bands that I will actually pay money to see.

I hope that on the next stop through this area, they chose northern Kentucky or even Louisville or Lexington. Much better venues with much better acoustics that would still attract the same number of fans.

The EVO experience should be recorded/videotaped and serve as a benchmark for all other artists offering a "meet and greet" for their fans. The soundcheck alone was worth the price. Steve has ruined it for all other artists offering the same opportunity to their fans. His level of interaction with the EVO attendees went well beyond expectations. This is a guy who really gives more than he takes (same goes for the other members of the band who were equally accomodating with the fans)

OVERAL GRADE : A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+A + !

Next time swing through Kentucky !!!!
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Yea I was there, took my 21 year old son. Glad he got to see this band, for it was one of the
BEST ROCK N ROLL SHOWS I have seen, and I have seen hundreds Dozens and Dozens of Bands. I even saw the legendary Randy Rhoads here in Cincinnati Feb 12, 1982. Steve Vai and Band Rocked The House the other night. 3 Hours that is crazy I have never seen a band play that long. That tells me these guys love their Music, Craft, Art. Damn I can't get over how they Rocked and Rocked. This was a Kick Ass Show.
I hope you Steve Vai and Band come back soon. Don't screw me and make me wait another 30 years.
I always enjoy great TALENT and this Band has lots of it. SO KEEP ON ROCKIN

Thanks For The Show Really Enjoyed The JAM SESSION
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