8 November 2013 - Roma, Ontario - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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Welcome To Canada Steve Vai

Got my tickets and been playing my 7vwh all week and cranking the Vai tunes! It will be the Highlight of my life seeing Vai for the first time in RAMA ontario, that's right no "o" in Rama haha! :wink:

Thrilled to see Vai tomorrow. But nothing better go wrong for this show! The last time I traveled across the country to see a concert (Joe Satriani) the stage collapsed and almost killed Cheaptrick after their set! I had ran in when the gates opened and sat through 5 or 6 opening bands at the festival and never moved from the front row for 8 hours or more in the blistering heat! Not a word of a lie as Joe's guitar techs were setting up a huge storm blew in, scary as hell watching all these massive speakers and lights sway back and forth above you! When shit started falling I realized It was time to give up my spot in the front row or be crushed to death! I was so stupid, looking back at how long I stayed there as every one else was running for their lives! It was a long day, I was probably dehydrated, not thinking clearly. But being less than 5 feet from Satch would have been epic!!! I just didn't want to give up the chance that the show might still go on lol!

If risking your life for a front row seat isn't a die hard fan I don't know what is Haha! :headbang :guitar :headbang

If "Himself" ever sees this before the show I got to ask "Why is there no EVO EXPERIENCE?" your breaking my heart!! I've been listening to Firegarden since I was 7 years old. My brother bought it at a flea market second hand, I had to hide it from my parents who kept taking it away because the album art was inappropriate haha! I knew where they had put it and always took it back within a few days.

Long Live The JEM!!!!
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Mr. Steven Ciro Vai:

Your performance was fantastic. Nothing less than incredible.
I particularly enjoyed "Building the Church". I play guitar too and think that two handed technique is
inspiring to say the very least, awe and jaw dropping to put it mildly. #*%$in awesome.
Would'a been nice to have less band solo's, and more of your insane wanking.

You didnt include #@$%yourself in your set list....we're all over the age of majority here.

But, hey, your crew is amazing too. Kudo's to Thomas. Nice work Mr.Nordegg. It would be nice for you to give him some kind of aknowlegement, he "has" your back through and through. Every night after every night. Please don't take that one personally Steve. It's just that Thom is your "guru" and as such deserves a little credit where credit is due.

I have to ask how serious are you regarding the G3 thing? You said tonight that you were considering a "G3" here in Ontario Canada. If you ask me, ... presenting a show again at RAMA "(on such a small stage)" as you put it mockingly would get my attention to purchase 4-8 VIP tickets.

I would consider going again but not unless I/We could get the whole intimate experience. You didn't include Rama..........?........why..?

Please consider that Steve. Your music still ceases to amaze me, AND whilst arriving it was a genuine pleasure to hear Devon on the house spkrs. I was introduced to HIS music via my 18yr/old son-who by the way has had to endure YOUR music growing up.

So Steve, I and my party of three sat nicely center section 14 rows back would love to see you here again hands down....or at Roy Thompson or Massey Hall VERY VERY SOON!!!!!!

You comming? I am!!! Just let me know when.

Sincerely , Your Fan,
Graham Lennox.
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Well I got to say that was THE best concert I've ever been to. Nothing even compares and I've been to quite a few!

Thank you Steve for signing my Jem and Firegarden album right before the tour bus took off, as well as the unique rock and roll stories you tell! Pleasure meeting you in person and please come back soon to Canada. oh and thanks for throwing your guitar pick you played for the Love of God with directly into my hands never even hit the floor haha!

Steve Vai tops the list on the very short list of artists I would pay to see these days. Rush and Satriani are still bands that have eluded me.

Here is a clip I took at the show with my phone, I'll try and post a link to some pics later. Cheers!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMQXmcda23c" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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