2 November 2013 - Bloomington, IL - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here. Steve and the band loves to read them

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This was probably my seventh or eighth time seeing Steve with the first time being the Skyscraper tour with DLR back in 1988 (mind blowing, a REAL VH-like show after Sammy ruined it). Steve and his band are simply amazing. What they do playing very complex music with such grace and ease is something to behold. Bass player Phil couldn't be better and grooves like few bass players can. Jeremy is a beast on the drums and his dynamics as well as his time-keeping are top notch. Got to meet him before the St. Louis show last September. VERY cool guy. Dave Weiner is an excellent guitar player and has fit so well accompanying Steve and his band for so many years now. And Steve, well what can I say, in my not so humble opinion, he is the best guitar player on planet earth hands down. When you combine his non-stop work ethic with his unmatched skills to go along with an incredibly energetic show from him and the whole band you have a KILLER rock show that leaves you feeling very good inside and so glad you got out to see this in person. Vai never disappoints. Meeting him at a meet-and-greet in STL last year proved that he is as genuine as he seems on stage. I took my daughter with me (she was 11 then) and he allowed me to take a picture of her hand up against his alien left hand; a picture I will cherish forever.

But this show in Bloomington was perhaps the best I have ever seen of Vai and his band. I didn't get to see them with the fiddle players in 2007 and they didn't have the harp player with them this time like last year, but the show was so full of energy it just really kicked ass like no other Vai show I have seen. He always plays at least two hours, but on this night they played 2 1/2 hours!! For about 400 people. And it didn't matter to the band. They could have been playing to 40 and I think we'd see the same show, same amount of energy, and it really is just something special. They all just love to play and there just isn't a band like this this playing today. If anyone out there reading this has a chance to see a show with any of the remaining tour dates, do yourself a favor and go see them. You will not regret it and you'll never miss the cash.

As well, we had the pleasure of seeing three one-song opening acts before the show (nice surprise); winners of a contest of some kind. The first was a very good shredding guitar player, the second was equally good with a more dynamic song that started out softly and built to a nice shredding crescendo. They were both very talented. But the closing act of the three was an artist I encourage everyone to check out. She is an electric violin player named Adia and she is from Milwaukee. She shredded her violin unbelievably for the better part of four minutes with one of her original compositions called Demons. She is an incredible player and her band, Adia and the 7 Eyes, are very good. Google them and check her out at adiasound.com
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