5 October 2013 - Lyss, Switzerland - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Are you attending this show?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

Jeroen :)
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I came back during last night from the show in switzerland. I'm living in France and i've been to the strasbourg show too one month ago. The night was sweaty and full of beautiful and wild sound...Steve gave us the best music i've ever heard from him ! The energy was so intense. I'm a listener from the eighties (dave lee roth ,whitesnake period)and i've followed the artist since. And what i can say is that Steve is a complete artist. Compositions ,sounds , entertainement...I can't forget from yesterday two moments when steve said "i love that sound" while he was at the end of a solo and the moment he looked at me on "the animal" saying "like an animal" and playing a crazy phrasing on low strings of his guitar ! I tried the evo experience too and met him. I was just thinking it was too short cause so many questions was in my mind...imagine that i was waiting for this moment since donnington 1987 where i lost myself backstage and where i never found Mr vai at the time. I was very young at the time and would have been so impressed but ... I'm not a fan cause i don't like this idea to be just a fan ,no i'm dedicated to his music since i heard the first note of yankee rose and discovered the secret of love on passion and warfare. Yesterday Steve said that a 25th anniversary tour for passion and warfare is going to happen so i hope we "the music afficionados" will have the possibility to be there to say to Steve : Your work was and is always great ,your new album the story of light sounds like nothing else and when i bought passion and warfare i didn't imagine that my life will change that way. Cause if i can play guitar today it's because of the work i've done on the instrument but because of you and your old italian teacher friend !! Thanks for yesterday and for all your music and just one question :is the story of light album available in songbook with orchestration? The manuscript with the package is not enough for me :wink: See you for the anniversary Mr Vai :guitar And many thanks again ,long and beautiful life to you and your family !
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