1 October 2013 - Firenze, Italy - Story of Light Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Are you attending this show?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

Jeroen :)
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Thank you thank you thank you !!! Very power performance !! Middle part of the animal was alien !! Thanks for your answers too....and see you today at nonantola
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:: Part 1 of 3 ::

It was a hot and sunny day in Florence, I enjoyed that. At the show, there weren't as many people in the audience as I had seen at last year's shows. But the audience was good, very energetic, and it was a standing general admission show, which I really prefer over numbered seats. It's a rock concert, after all.

To me, the show was (and is) beautiful, I loved every moment of it. I really don't think I have ever seen the band as tight as they are now. The interaction between Steve, Jeremy, Dave and Philip is amazing. They don't even have to look at each other, and they create a seamless flow of musical communication among them that is truly stunning. I couldn't help but marvel at how much each one of them has grown in all these years.

The setlist is ravishing, but if I had to point out *some* of my favorite moments, then I would have to say Racing the World, Velorum, Gravity Storm, Weeping China Doll (this one, especially how it ends, almost moves me to tears), Answers (watch for the intro to this one!), Whispering A Prayer, The Animal (this one is overflowing with good moments, especially between Steve and Dave), The Moon and I (which on this tour has been rearranged for the acoustic set), the vocal improv on Rescue Me Or Bury Me (which is absolutely amazing), actually the whole acoustic set is great, then definitely Frank and also Taurus Bulba. But in reality, there are a lot of wonderful little moments in every song, the moments where Steve adds something new to one of the songs, like the improvised part at the end of Tender Surrender, Building the Church, or For The Love of God. The moments of expansion, so to speak. The Audience is Listening has probably the most fiery performance of Steve's. Dave's solo is so great, too, and the audience was really into it. Jeremy's solo was mind-blowing! It seems to me that he still is the most powerful drummer I've ever seen, but within the energy and power he's becoming more and more "fine-tuned" to the music he feels, so to speak. It's hard to put into words, but there's a lot of great little things that he does and you really have to see him play to understand. My favorite drummer ever. I also got the feeling that Steve is more comfortable now (compared to last year) when performing The Ultra Zone, which is not easy the way it is presented. It comes out very well. The Build me a Song part of the show is very funny - anything can happen, really.

The show is three good hours, but it feels like much less than that. It flows very quickly, and that of course means that it's really a great show. The sound was good, and Steve gave all of himself on the stage, which I always find very moving. I believe that to go see one of these shows is the best thing anybody can do, and it really makes you feel good. Steve, thank you so much for coming back to Italy again! On to Nonantola.
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My first concert ever and what an experience! I went through the evo experience and got to meet steve. Not only that but I played for him the duel from crossroads and was impressed. And when I asked if he thought I could make it in music he replied honestly with He personally thought so but what matters is what I thought. Lastly he pulled me up on stage for build me a song and praised me in front of the crowd. What an amazing night :3
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