29 September 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic - Story of Light

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Are you attending this show?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

Jeroen :)
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Yesterday I attended the best show in my life. I mean it!
The EVO experience just whipped my appetite for Steve's music and the show itself was fantastic. I cannot recreate the setlist right now, but there was a good mix of new and old material. The band was flawless, Dave, Phil and Jeremy had their brilliant moments in solo spots (which I enjoyed very much- especially Dave's piece from his new album).
When it comes to Steve, he's a jewel. Making contact with the audience from the first moment of the concert, he really is a showman par excellence (this was my first Vai show and I was truly captivated- eventhough I knew what to expect thanks to DVD's). Maybe one song broke that contact between Steve and the audience- "The ultra zone" with the alien costume, but Steve only wore it for that one and maybe it is just my impression... During "Whispering a prayer" there were some technical problems with the wireless (even a cellphone noise could be heard at one moment :evil: ) but Steve trooped on and was rewarded with standing ovation after that song. And this was not the last standing ovation he got! :wink:
Building a song on stage was fun and one must admire the band's and Steve's ability to capture their part on the spot. The beat got stuck in my head- Veronika Beckova! :lol:
The only setback was the fact that venue was seated. I prefer standing during such energetic shows as this one.
All in all, the show was fabulous and if Steve came to the Czech republic tomorrow, I would make my mind in a heartbeat- including the EVO experience.
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