18 September 2013 - Toulouse, France - Story of Light Tour

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Are you attending this show?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

Jeroen :)
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the show yesterday night was a killer ! It's the first time I have the chance to see M. VAI in concert ! wow ! Steve you are truly amazing. Your band is wonderful too ! you give so much to the audience. Please come back ! I'm waiting for you ! oxox
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Thank you Steve for last night in Toulouse, it was :headbang
I was already at the Bikini (the first, this one was destroyed in september 2001) in march 2000. I was happy
about your come back at the Bikini yesterday. Today the weather was sunny so I hope you will
enjoy more and more this town another time because you’ve discovered Toulouse by a cloudy
weather. So this gig will be in my mind because there was a lot of great moments, surprises:
Like the screams of Nancy Fagan and other old songs which you didn’t have play here in 2000.
I don’t remember if it was the same “show” during the title Ultra zone in 2000?
Like when you were with Nadine on the stage (you called her NadinA, because you don’t know our
local accent) and asked her if she knows what’s the dream of every woman.
And always wonderful music managed like a conductor, maestro.
I was a little surprised when you spoke about the last cd at the merchandising because I didn't see it before the show. Maybe the only thing it can be better.

As my english isn’t good there’s my message in french:
Merci Steve pour le concert de la nuit dernière à Toulouse, c’était super.
J’étais au Bikini (le premier, celui qui explosa en septembre 2001) en mars 2000. J’étais heureux de
ton retour au Bikini hier. Aujourd’*** le temps était ensoleillé; j’espère que tu reviendras pour
apprécier encore plus cette ville que tu as découvert sous les nuages. Ce concert restera mémorable
pour moi parce que j’ai vécu plein de bons moments, de bonnes surprises.
Comme d’entendre les cris de Nancy Fagan et d’autres vielles chansons pas jouées ici en 2000.
Je ne me souviens pas si c’était le même “spectacle” pendant le morceau Ultra Zone en 2000?
Comme quand tu étais sur scène avec Nadine (que tu appelas NadinA parce que tu saisis pas bien
notre accent méridional) et lui demanda si elle connaissait le rêve de chaque femme.
Et toujours une musique merveilleuse conduite comme un chef d’orchestre.
Merci merci merci.
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A great time! it's been 10 years since I expect this time, and I'm thrilled! a big thank you to the whole group and especially a Mr.Vai to be so close to are public it was really great, pleasure to see you in our beautiful city. sorry for my english google translation was my friend for once.
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Awesome show! :headbang
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