15 September 2013 - Zaragoza, Spain - Story of Light Tour

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Are you attending this show?

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Jeroen :)
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Hi folks
My name is Ángel Ruiz, I'm from Spain.
The other day i went to Steve's show, and I went with several purposes, one of them was obviously, meet and greet Steve.
But as i said, i went with " several " goals, i said to myself " this is probably the only oportunity in all my life, so i want to take the most.
I went with my Fender Richie Kotzen, to get a signature from Steve, so i I left several hours before, because i knowed that this event room, have only one entry, therefore, for sure, Steve would enter out there
And so it was, i saw Steve and he signed my guitar.
As i said, i went with several goals, the other goal, probably the most important, was be on stage with Steve, on " Build me a song section ", and tell him " you know Steve, believe me or not, my dream is jam with you ".
Finally i got to be on stage with Steve, but we couldnt play together, he told me " maybe the next time ".
Anyway, Steve, if you read this, i just wanna give you many thanks for the amazing oportunity that you gave me, and i hope that maybe one day, we can play together.

God bless you

Here's the vídeo of that day :)!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzr_K5y3Apo" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Saludos Ángel.

He visto el vídeo y sinceramente creo que no le costaba nada al Sr. Steve Vai dejarte tocar algo con él, con la guitarra que llevaba el rítmica Dave Weiner. Por Barcelona hizo lo mismo, las mismas bromas con el tema de Satriani, la púa que le dio a una chicas (siempre babea con las jovencitas) y que vosotros fuisteis espabilados de sacarle alguna más, etc.

Tiene delito que te firme la guitarra y no se acuerde luego, pero en fin creo que no tiene excusa para no dejarte una guitarra.

Creo que a ti te gusta mucho este señor y no te quitaré amargaré la experiencia que hayas tenido del concierto con mis impresiones.

Saludos y sigue dándole duro a la guitarra, suena sincero lo que tocas...y sobretodo recuerda que hay más guitarristas en los que fijarse.
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