4 September 2013 - Bournemoth, UK - Story of Light Tour

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Are you attending this show at the O2?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

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for the chance to see steve twice within a year was one i had to take,bournemouth was 70 miles away but i had to go and unlike last years london gig where i was literally in the back row i was determined to see the show nearer the front.
the venue was the 02 academy and this had to be the smallest venue i had ever been to,i counted 400 seats and was the size of your average village/church hall.
i got to the venue before opening time and got a seat in the 6th row.
starting at 8.15pm with the largest cloud of smoke i have ever seen via appeared through the smoke opening with racing the world followed by velorum.
this was a stripped down 4 piece via band with dave playing occasional keyboards and daves guitar tech(i think)playing occasional acoustic guitar and sitar.
as with any via show its pretty much a flawless performance from steve and its hard to say just how easy he makes it all look and the energy he puts in to every note.
for me the downside was the sheer volume from the bass drum and bass,why every sound man thinks the people in the audience want to be bludgeoned by the sound of bass/bass drum is beyond me,it just drowned out steve most of the time and dave was practically in audible most of the time.after nearly an hour i had to use ear plugs!
building a song was a great laugh with 2 girls brought up from the audience and herman li joined the band on stage for some extra guitar wankery/soloing.
the highlight of the show for me was yet to come,during the final song(taurus bulba)the audience left there seats and got to the front of stage,i followed and managed to get literally to the front,leaning against the stage only 2 feet away from via`s pedal board(which i had a good look at!).
to see steve play literally a few feet away from me and see evo and really hear his amps so close was for me amazing and something i will never forget.
evo(if it was the real one)looked like it had a brand new neck on as well as some new green tape around the neck pickup,the amps sounded great as well.
the whole trip was worth it just for the few minutes i got to see steve play up close and see the sheer brilliance that is steve via.
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