4 August 2013 - Taipei - Story of Light Tour

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Are you attending this show at the ATT Show Box?

Meet up with fellow fans and review the show in this thread.

Jeroen :)
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Great show, great performance, great musicians!
Loved the Steve's passion and attitude towards the show.
Godly and skillful as always, and filled some funny moments.
The LED light show was totally awesome, serious "holy shit" factor, never seen anything like it lol. I personally prefer the new helmet to the old head strap one.
We truly felt your honesty and sincerity through your music and performance, it really moved us.

But despite the band bringing their own equipment, I assume the PA speaker is from the venue, which is the only downside to the show. When it gets loud everything gets jumbled up, so it's kind of hard to hear instruments other than Steve's, especially when there are heavy bass sounds played through the speaker. It's not the band's problem because I know most venue speakers in Taiwan are like that, it's kinda like a curse we gotta live with....

Other than that, loved the show, loved the band, Stevei, Dave, Philip, Jeremy, Michael and the human drum set staff.
Thank you so much and really appreciate you guys bringing the tour to Taiwan! :peace

BTW where's Philip's bass solo?!
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