4 June 2013 - Krasnoyarsk - Alien Guitar Secrets

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class at the Che Guevera Club?

Please post your reviews and comments here!

Jeroen :)
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:wink: I wasn't there but it sure is sweet to see. Its like being there in a sense and I enjoy very much. Thank you so much for being you. ♥
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Hey Steve, I'm from India and I wished to attend the class but unfortunately couldn't do so. But I know for sure that it was awesome.
love you Steve and lucky those people who got to see you.

- Kanak, your biggest fan ever.
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Very nice master class! It was even better than I expected it to be. Steve is a very creative musician and a very nice person too. Here are the live performance videos from the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G11E4MPXeG4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpGwTi2L9iQ.

Thanks Steve, that was really good show. See you next time in Siberia or somewhere else.
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I was there. And here are some outcomes of mine...

Well, I've seen the advertisement in the beginning of May and decided I definitely have to attend it as I really love Steve's music (but to be honest I bought my tickets only a day before the master-calss, as I just forgot about it. Fortunately, there were still available spots).

Well, it's obvious that I've got real satisfaction listening to Steve's performing his famous songs like Tender Surrender, The Crying Machine, Building Church, etc.

There were also nice discussions and live talks, when Steve shared his learnings from his guitarist career and simply from his life.

And you know what. Surprisingly, those sharings made the most important part of that evening for me. I'm not used to have idols or something, so I didn't study Steve's biography very well and deep. But what he shared about his experience showed me that Steve is not only the greatest guitarist but also a great person. His values, beliefs and strivings show me real role-model.

For now I am leading the local chapter of the International Youth-run NGO called AIESEC. It is really hard work, you need to motivate people, manage them, you don't get any money for that - you do it for the Aim. And, obviously, sometimes when you're tired you lose any motivations, challenges you face seem to be too big and you think you're not able to keep going.

But Steve's example really shows me what does it mean - to love what you do with all your heart - and to put yourself completely in it. It inspires me a lot.

Well, Steve, thank you for this! You really do inspire to do more, to strive for excellence and to be looking for your own way. I am very grateful for this role-modeling!

PS Don't know if you read these topics personally, but I will be very honored if you could reply me anywhere (my contacts are below), as I wish to keep in touch with you.

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Email: vladislav.sakovich@aiesec.net
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