24 July G3 Stadtpark - Hamburg, GER

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Did you attend tonight's G3 show at Stadtpark in Hamburg? Please share your experience here.
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Yes. It was a glorious summer night in Hamburg's Stadtpark. It was my first time at a G3 concert, having seen Steve twice before in Copenhagen.

Due to technical problems at a nearby train station, I arrived at the venue well into Steve Morse's set, which was a bit of a shame. From what of his concert I actually heard, he played some solid stuff and especially his chases with the bass player was great.

Steve's set - what can I say. It was, of course, extremely powerful and tight and Steve put on a great show. There was some technical problems with his guitar sound in the beginning, and even though I know that Steve is very particular about these things, he kept it cool and continued the show. The set list as I remember it:

"The Audience is Listening"
"The Animal"
"Tender Surrender"
"Building the Church"
"The Crying Machine"
"For the Love of God"

It was great to hear and see Steve back with a rock ensemble (nuff said :P ). Bynoe on bass, Weiner on guitar and sitar, Eric Valentine on drums, and the keyboard player who also played keys on Satriani's set, is a guy called Jim Godfrey or something like that. The band sounded a bit more funky than I've heard Steve before, and I hope that it, more or less, will be the band for the coming tour. Highlights were "Building the Church" which was much tighter than the video that came out on Facebook after the Amsterdam show and FTLOG which was the closest version to the original that I've ever heard. It off course ended with Steve's tongue-gimmick and then the show was over. Six songs is just not enough and I could have listened to twenty more, but that is, off couse, part of the G3 deal.

It was my first Joe Satriani concert and he put on a great show, and played a lot of the old stuff, which was what I knew. I'm not a big fan of the Jams when it comes to listening to it on a CD, but it works really great live. They played three songs, but didn't make an encore. "You Really Got Me" with Steve Vai on vocals (great job BTW), Creams "White Room" with Satchs' keyboard player and bass player on vocals, and "Keep on Rocking in the Free World" with Satch on vocals.

All in all a fantastic show in the greatest city in Northern Europe. I will definitely drive down another time, perhaps if Steve decides to do a European tour after he has done Northern America (hint hint).
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It was also my first time at a G3 concert! This was also the first time I've got the chance to see Steve Vai and Steve Morse playing! (I've seen Joe Satriani playing for the 4th time now)
My parents and I went all the way to Hamburg especially for the concert. (We live in Holland)
It’s a bit ironic.. because we bought the tickets and booked our vacation to Hamburg, but a week later it came out G3 also was going to play in Holland.

The concert was amazing! I have to admit that before the concert I mostly listened to Joe's music.. But this has changed! Both Steve's were very inspiring! (And really good guitar players of course) :guitar

This concert was very special and exiting! I stood in the audience with a piece of cardboard: Let me play, please. (With a drawn guitar on it)
It looked like the guys thought it was funny, but in a good way of course!
Only too bad they didn't let me play... :(

After the concert I got the chance to meet the 3 of them! I had a little chat with them, they signed my piece of cardboard and my parents had taken some pictures! The funny part was that they recognized me because of the card and wheelchair! This was surely a moment that I won’t ever forget!

This was the best concert I’ve been to! (I’m only 15, but my parents gladly take me to a lot of concerts. Making music is very important in the family) Too bad I couldn’t really show the guys that I really enjoyed the show! That's what unfortunately happens when you are on crutches and in a wheelchair. (I had 3 weeks before the concert an operation on my cruciate ligaments). So I wasn’t really able to jump or something..

I Play some songs of Joe’s album: Surfing with the Alien. (Midnight, Always with me Always with you,.. etc.) But now I’m definitely going to play some songs of Vai and Morse! Seeing G3 have given me the spirit of becoming a better guitar player and practice more and more hours a day.

I’m looking forward to see Steve Vai again, when he comes to Holland! :guitar :headbang

Lot's of love, Renske Carlyn

Some pictures:

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