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-yasi- wrote:Here's the video of me playing with Steve!

Thank oyu Steve !
:shock: :shock: :shock:

:headbang :headbang :headbang

:peace :D

wow....congratulations to both you for performing so well and to steve for being so generous... amazing video and amazing memories for you I guess, a comment on youtube said there was 500 guitarists watching which makes it even more impressive...the band itself gave you some applause and IMO its fully deserved!
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ouch :shock: :shock: great job yasi :shock:
most of people would be paralysed in the same situation, and you improvise....
steve give you a fabulous present, but i'm sure you give him a present too : you play guitar certainly thanks to steve's music, and it's pride for a musician :wink:
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Wow ... what a day!

When I woke up on Tuesday, I didn't even know if i was going to see Steve Vai. I bought the ticket to for the concert, ticket for the train and paid the hotel. But there were the trains... they started to strike the day before... :shock: I was like: YAI!!! When I saw that all my trains were going to be on time!

So I arrived in time in Ulm and went to the "Ulmer Zelt" and could hear a part of the sound check from outside. Then we could enter the "Ulmer Zelt", a quite small "circus tent" for 1200 people. I had the great opportunity to stand in the 2nd row in front of the stage. :) Zack's first action already made the whole audience laugh, it was so silly that it was funny again :D (I don't want to tell more and spoil it for those who are still going to see the concert) But Zack played really very well and rocked the stage with his great haircut.

After Zack, it was time for The Master :D Steve Vai entered the stage and did what he can best: Playing guitar and making everyone around him happy :) I can't criticise any song, they were just so perfect!!! And the vaio.. violins fit perfectly together with the whole band! The sound was (sorry if i have to use the same word again and again) perfect, nothing too loud, nothing too high, just great! After Steve played a lot of songs including some of my favourites and had a lot of fun with the violins, Weiner and Jeremy, it was time for the encore. As you have already seen in the posts before, it was a special encore. Vai introduced Yasi and then [check out her video here]. As you can see, she did a great job and a dream came true for her. I don't think that there are a lot of other artists who let their fans perform on stage! Just another trait of Steve which shows how unique he is!

Wow... didn't want to write so much ^^ All in all, my first Vai concert was (yeah, my favourite word :D) perfect!

Thanks a lot, Steve!

€: i will post some photos soon
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Great that you did it Holzwurm!!!

Wow wow wow YASI, now when I said that you rock, you really ROCK :guitar
I feel so happy to see the youtube video again again and again!!!
Remember what I told you about follow your dreams? I was right, didn't I!!!
Good luck...


...YOU ROCK!!!

:mrgreen: proud uncle Seraphim :mrgreen:
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A fan's dream come true!!! Congrats Yasi!!!

P.S. Steve please don't change the songlist on the US tour... That one is perfect!!!!

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Hi there,

fantastic evening, great venue, great audience, great band and a superb guestplayer. not more to say. photos follow this evening (german time).

Have a nice day!

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frenchfred wrote:ouch :shock: :shock: great job yasi :shock:
most of people would be paralysed in the same situation, and you improvise....
steve give you a fabulous present, but i'm sure you give him a present too : you play guitar certainly thanks to steve's music, and it's pride for a musician :wink:
You are incredible Yasi,congratulations.

Hey Frenchfred,you speaks english like a god,it's not my case. :lol:
J'ai décidé de m'inscrire sur ce forum,ça ne pourra que me faire faire des progrès en anglais. 8)
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FMW wrote:The EVO Premium Experience is a great Idea! Thank you for that possibility.

Everyone did a fantastic show, the people around me were very nice and the Ulmer Zelt is a funny place to hear and see a Rock-Show.

Steve: a special thanks for signing the photo of my 2 year old son. Nick´s enjoyment will reach you in a few years :wink:

So have a great tour, enjoy to meet so many different people around the world and keep on bringing fun to the audience.

Hey Frank can I ask what guitar Steve took with Him to show at the Q&A session?
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It was Great seeing you play with Steve, Yasi! Indeed, you ROCKED!!!
A wonderful way to have an encore! It will be a night forever with you. :D
Congrats! :guitar

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Wow Yasi that is the coolest ever.. well done !!
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Hey Yasi, you totally rocked the place !! Great performance !!
I saw the video, I had tears in my eyes.... I felt so happy for you !
Would you tell us more about how did this happen ? just curious ;)
Keep on rockin' !!
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yes please do! I would love to know how steve noticed you and invited you to play and whatnot.
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yasi Im so hapy for you, you rock the place girl. awesome performance you are so luky I just can´t stop wtching this video, your are awesome :!: :!: :!: :!:
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Thats was so fun!!~ Yasi! I'm so glad I read you for so long! That was the best clip in from a fan I've ever seen. TY!~ T
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The whole show was absolutely awesome!

Zack's performance was quite funny and really good.
The whole band was fantastic. The violins fit perfectly in Steve's music. I really enjoyed their duet. The performance and arrangement of FTLOG was amazing. The idea with Jeremy's "portable drums" was kick-ass.
Steve played perfect as always. I've seen him three times and every time his show and his playing was incredible.

Thanks for the fantastic show!!!

And of course Yasi, your performance was great!!!. Playing with Steve on a stage :guitar :headbang. Congratulation!!!
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