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Did you attend this show?

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Midnight Lightning
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Excellent gig, but lousy organisation!
We wanted to be at the festival 2 hours before it should start. We arrived 30 minutes too late, because of traffic jam around the festival area.
Sound was great. but little to loud I guessed. The light show was really excellent. The new bandmembers seemed a little nervous, but can be proud on their performance. These electric violins are a nice addition to Stevies Guitar. Jeremy Colson really rocked with his portable drum kit!!. The final was with FTLOG (what else) Brilliant as always. I will never ever get enough of it!
Stevie you rock!! See you in Melkweg and I will miss you on the next ZPZ tour!!

Warm regardzz
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This is the link for the first pictures of the Biddinghuizen show on 6/30/2007..

WOW! What a show! :D
Steve, you blew us away again. Love your new band, especially because of the fire garden pieces. Nice interaction between the musicians and a great mixture of old and new material.
AND: FIREWALL!!!! Boom shicka Boom! Did you see me in the front row, because I practiced the lyrics over and over :lol:

I have put a few of the pics in the photo section!

XXX Tessa
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awsome pics tessa!!
thank you for sharing.

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A great, great gig...!!!
Thank you very much Steve Vai & (new) band.
See you at the Melkweg.
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:D Super GIG Sounds Really Great 2great Violin's PLaying With vai and the band :) ( and the cool drum part (from jeremey)

im not suprissed by the fact you guys where late because the amount of instruments that must be in good tuning etc after waiting for it the sound whas absolutley Great :) :) Cya in Melkweg GR Niels 8)
Carlos Ribeiro
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Somebody can supply the Playlist?
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Carlos Ribeiro wrote:Somebody can supply the Playlist?
Zongadude can!
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Carlos Ribeiro wrote:Somebody can supply the Playlist?
:?: Great show, who was the guitartech?
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The show in Biddinghuizen was a little shorter because it was part of a rock festival. The set list was something like this:

1. Now we run
2. Oooo
3. Tender Surrender
4. Firewall
5. Building the church
6 I'm becomming
7 Freak Show Excess
8 Die to Live
9 Violin Solo's (excerpts from Crossroads)
10 Annie & Steve Intro
11 All about eve

Let me interrupt typing this setlist for a moment and say that All About Eve acoustically + Steve's singing + the violin solo by Ann were absolutely phenomenal.

12 Alex and Steve
13 Jeremy and Steve
14 Angel food
15 Whispering a prayer (this one was off the charts)
16 Taurus Bulba (and he nailed every note of it)
17 For The Love of God (with Spicey Intro).

I show this show from the side of the stage which is an interesting experience to say the least, very cool.

Adding Alex and Ann to the band is a master stroke. Not only do they sound really good and it really fits with Steve's music, they're virtuoso's in their own right and cool people too.

Pulling off a show for such a huge crowd, without any form of soundcheck and equipment check yet still delivering this high level of quality is a testament to the quality Steve & crew bring on the road.

I'll have some pics later.

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Jeroen wrote:Let me interrupt typing this setlist for a moment and say that All About Eve acoustically + Steve's singing + the violin solo by Ann were absolutely phenomenal
Does Steve play it in open C as usual J?

I will jump right on the stage and kiss ang hug Steve for this tune
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The show was absolutely amasing,
the guitar play was FANTASTIC,
and there was also plenty of funny things going on,
such as the song lyrics that Steve read, and the drums with the talking skull :P

Although I could hardly hear Steve's guitar from time to time it was still amazing.
Sometimes the bass and dave's guitar were heard far better then steve's guitar, while he played the most amazing sounds :)

I also really enjoyed the violin solo, quite amazing tha you can actually get a sound like that out of a voilin, my compliments!
All in all I think this was one of the best Vai concerts i've seen.

I wanted to post some very nice pictures here,
but unfortunately, I am not yet allowed to do so according to the forum software, if a admin could be so kind to post the link or move the photo's somewhere, please PM me :)
I am currently also uploading a couple of video's I shot... but unfortunately my upload speed is very low so it takes another 5 hours.

I have to agree that the organisation was indeed very lousy,
we spent 2 hours on the parking space waiting to start moving... so that's 2 hours on exactly the same spot, and then another 45 minutes to actually get off the terrain... and then I had to drive 200Km back to Zeeland, where we were stuck in traffic again thanks to Concert at Sea...

Thanks for the amazing concert!
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in one word

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Mind blowing!!! That's one of the first things that pops in my head to discribe last nights show!!
-The intro (Now We Run) was amazing with Ann and Alex up there! I got a vid of that one but the audio is pretty bad because I stood right infront of the bass speakers.
- Oooo is such an energetic song!! It sounds amazing live!! I was Oooing along! lol
- Tender Surrender, it's the 3rd time I've seen Steve perform this song. It is a beautiful piece where you can hear and see how Steve controls the volume in this song.
- Firewall: Wow!!
- Building The Curch: He did build it! ;)
- I'm such a passionate song! My favorite Vai song to date.....(btw, I have it on vid aswell)
- Freak Show Excess is also one of my favorite. It's a thrill to see Steve perform this song life.
- Die To Live: Steve, Brian and Jeremy played this song in a beautiful way
- Crossroads piece: Ann and Alex are amazing!! Love her smile btw
- All About Eve: Ann and Steve began playing this song where the rest of the band joined in.
- Alex and Steve: Steve asked Alex to play something.......and he did!
- Jeremy & Steve: Amazing to see how Ruta got the job done with the portable drumkit . Jeremy is a funny guy ;)
- Angelfood: This is always a good song to see live!
- Whispering a Prayer: I always love how Steve looks into the crowd at the beginning of the song. Only the keys are on and Steve absorbs the faces in the crowd and then starts that first tone. Beautiful.
- Taurus Bulba: This band is soooo tight!!! I love and was in total awe of Dave btw. Dave was soooo tight with his rythm section!! He is sooooo good!! This was one of the songs I had on in the car on oure way to the show.
- For The Love Of God: As always.........beautiful. I was wondering, did his wah pedal survive?? He really kicked the life out of that pedal!! :)

There was one bad thing though to that day. The organisation!! I and hundreds of others were stuck in a traffic jam of 20 kilometers. I spend 3 and a half hours in a line that was heading to Arrow Rock. No police what so ever that normaly controls jams like this during a festival. Most of us missed bands (like Tesla, Thin Lizzy) that we wanted to see. I made in time for Steve's show (there was a moment I thought I wasn't going to make it) but it wasn't relaxing at all!!


photo's are on the way ;)
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Ok One word....


To see this man play guitar gave me such a weird nice warm calm feeling.

I recorded some, please enjoy,

*There's Only One BorgAngel!*
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