REVIEWS: 28 APR 2007 - 2ND London Guitar Show Q&A

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so happy
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what is that "pandoras box" that steve has? I want it, where can I buy it?
See here :

There's a few different ones on the market, by zoom, Boss & the like, of varying function, quality & price.

Very interesting seminar, I saw both, more people than anticipated ( though not surprising :lol: )
Both different, Steve managing to make responses to questions of 'Varying interest' interesting & entertaining. Some great indepth 'open book' forays into his personal creative process. And what will be for many budding guitar players a good deal of constructive, encouraging and wise advice on technique, outlook and attitude etc regarding learning & playing the guitar in this day and age, along with ( of Course) some 'blinding' guitar playing.( as we say in Blightey)

Considering what Steve has on his plate at the moment with regard to monumental workload, new band, new tour ( in only about 6 weeks! ) etc. he seemed, as always, highly dignified, relaxed, open & warming to all present.

The classic line of the seminars has to be......" I can't believe I'm talking to Steve Vai!!"..........." I can't believe I AM Steve Vai!!!"


Good one Matey, Keep on it.

Best regards.


P.S. Great to see Christin & Co, all lovely people - B.T.W. Christin, I passed my advanced 'practical' exam on sunday with flying colours! Rock on!!:lol: I trust the Signing session on Sunday was fun.
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so happy wrote: The classic line of the seminars has to be......" I can't believe I'm talking to Steve Vai!!"..........." I can't believe I AM Steve Vai!!!"
haha awesome :lol:

Thx for the link 8)
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The masterclass was great. Although I would have prefered seats too instead of a gig-type masterclass.
I loved what Steve said about Frangelica, that he wouldn't want to die before finishing this piece of music (if I understood correctly). That's passion.
Always a pleasure to hear him talking about his vision of music and how his mastery is the product of his hard work and he played!

A wonderful afternoon especially because I met some friends also :wink:.
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I didn’t realise there was a review thread for this! My first comment would be that to call it a “masterclass” was a bit misleading! I think “Scruffy, disinterested bloke asks Steve Vai some questions, which Steve does his best to answer and intermittently plays some guitar” would’ve been more appropriate. But they couldn’t really call it that. But that said, I enjoyed it, I think Steve is a very engaging public speaker, and funny too!

It would’ve been nice if I’d had a better view and had been nearer the stage – spent most of the time trying to see past the incredibly tall people standing in the rows in front! Also would like to have met some people from this messageboard. But generally I thought it was good. Next time though, Steve should just do the masterclass on his own, the other guy being there was unnecessary.

Favourite quotes:
“That meant hello!”
“I can’t believe I am Steve Vai!”
“When you ask someone whether they like your music, what you’re really asking is whether they like you.”
(When asked what he’d say to Jimi Hendrix) “Hey, do you wanna go bowling?” :lol: (Ask a silly question..!)
mental speedin
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i liked it but would have enjoyed if steve played some songs. but it was awesome n it was cool meetin me lol seems very relaxed lol
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It´s taken me a few days but I finally put up the chronicle of the masterclass and the picture gallery. It was a nice experience although I had something really different in mind (seats, passing the mic...).

I did not enjoy the fair itself that much. The Ibanez stand only had a few guitars in it.

The chronicle and the picture gallery can be found here:

Just click on the Steve Vai picture to get to the report and picture gallery. There are about 20 pictures.

Note - I will be posting the same message on the concert reviews and in the photo gallery boards just in case
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I can't believe no one asked a question about how these are going: ... highlight=
Okay, it's possible Steve would like to keep it a secret at this time but it would have been worth a try.
Johnny Jam
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Do you know if there are any "professional" videos or any transcription available?
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I went to this show and thought it was a great experience. It was a shame that the autographs only happened on the Sunday though...still fingers crossed for a pink slip when my Sound Theories gets delivered!

I was the quickest nerd to shout out the date and venue of the upcoming London Hammersmith gig. Steve laughed - I was happy as a pig in shit! :D :D :D
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