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Greetings, I have been trying to find the right place for this inquiry. Some time in the early 80's I took some close-up pics at the Steve Vai guitar clinic. I wondered if Steve or anyone at would be interested in having them for the nostalgia if nothing else. (there are only a few) This was an amazing show where I bought my copy of Flex-able from Steve's parents who had a little table selling records. Truly an adorable sight to see. I am not looking to sell these images just to pass them along. If interested please let me know where to send. this is me:
seeing as this is an open forum I would rather not send these to other individuals unless feels my only course of action is to post them here.

no need to post this, I just wanted to get it to your attention. Thanks again.
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Thanks - if you like, you can mail them to

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