The origin of the Western concept of music

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Hi Steve Vai!
(and everybody who reads this)

Im humble in my idea of inviting you to The Valley of the Muses where Hesiod lived and wrote the birth of Cosmos and the gods; The Theogony. The valley is in Boiotia, and the area is a must for you, for arts, history, struggle/fighting for life, values, and philosophy. This is free, as a fan since Flexable. It will be my greatest honour. If we stay the nigt in the valley (tents) at Hesiods birthplace, you will experience how the night gives birth to day. The cities/lights by night, landscape is the same as 2700 years ago. I take you to "the battle at Plataea", the birthplace of Hercules (Thebes), Eleutherai (the origin of theatre), Marathon, and much more. I will not use this as PR, but discretion. I tell you all about history, and how they managed to crack the communication code, for development. Your Modern Primitive makes me send this, thinking about it for years.
Maybe next year, or, ..... :-)

Anders P. Petersen ((Norway, 1966), see facebook Stepstoathens, bottom page.
if interesting;
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