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Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:47 am
by Vonvlad
I've been playing guitar almost 40 years. I 1st heard Steve Vai on a floppy tear out 45 from Guitar magazine, with the ATTITUDE SONG on it.
I've been signed twice professionally, once to Sony, and once to DGC. Life has a funny way of taking it's own path sometimes, and became a chronic addict. Eventually leading to being locked up, and losing ALL MY GUITARS. YES, I WANT A GUITAR FROM IBANEZ/JEM, AND A CARVIN LEGACY, so I can begin playing again.
AND believe me when I tell you, I'm a player. I didn't get signed twice because of luck. I MUST START PLAYING AGAIN BEFORE I GO OFF THE RAILS AGAIN. I Had Gibson endorsements, but prefer strat style, rosewood, NO binding on the necks for my type of playing. YES...I WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE AFTER MAKING VERY BAD DECISIONS....BUT DRUGS AND JAIL MAKE THINGS A BIT CLEARER. Only problem is, they take everything, and put you out with nothing.
Yes, get a job. Great idea at my the time I reach SS age, I'll be able to afford a real gtr., and boutique amp.
SO, what's out there? Oh yeah, no asking for gear on this site. Oh well, ive made worse mistakes. Its just difficult not to ask after watching how many people destroy guitars live, etc..
Thank You for your time. Vonvlad