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fast picking:

1) Pick in a tiny circle around the string
2) Lock your wrist and use small movements at your elbow (i prefer this)

you'll naturally find a comfortable position for the pick in your right hand as this changes from person to person, and either technique above should give you the same results though for some one is easier than the other, just experiment.

i used to do this excercise my teacher called the train. fret a note on the g string, maybe 7th or 9th fret. start picking down/up very slowly and gradually increase the speed until your hand locks up then gradually slow down.

it takes some time to build the coordination and the neurons, but once you have it you'll kick yourself because this technique is actually one of the easier ones. make sure you practice this with and without the distorion going. if it sounds good clean, it will sound great with the crunch!
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Last night I loaded some videos off the Racer X website (legal videos of course) and was watching Paul Gilbert and his mad alternate picking. I found myself inspired by the fast picking and wondered why I was having trouble. I found an video interview of Paul talking about Mr. Big and he explains how he changed his picking style for the better.
He used to hold the pick by the pads of the index, middle, and thumb and bent his hand upward, attacking the string from underneath at an angle. After years of playing, he began picking holding the pick between the thumb and the side of the index.
I found myself picking very similar to his way (naturally) but with a small adjustment, I found myself picking very very fast! :shock: I just felt so good. I also figured out how to pick with using just finger movements! I move my thumb not my wrist :wink: .
Try it! Watching other people play fast, going to concerts, or listening to fast picking music on CD really helps in building my morale before picking up the guitar. I feel really good now! 8)

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Hey, after watching several vai videos, i noticed he holds the pick in a strange way, like with his hand in a 90º angle with the string. not just the pic, but his hole hand.
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every musician picks differently from the next..

Your current way of picking might not have anything to do with your problems with speed.... basically.. the best advise I or anyone else can probably give you is to practice alot.. and start off slow.. it can take years to speed up your chops.. so just keep at it.... and try to use a metronome when you practice.. it's a good way to keep track of your pace, and your improvement..
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Hi guys
thanks for all the help...i still cant do it tho lol.
despite hours and hours of practice...nevermind.
another thing...death metal bands...there picking is stupidly fast.
is it just the same thing or is this a different way of picking?
deicide...cannabil corpse..for example
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Heard Cornor? Arc lite is a cool tune.

Find Paul Gilbert's Intense Rock 1 video and work with a metronome. Speed = rhythmic control.

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Practice on small parts first.Start slowly and be precise.Each time you make a mistake start from the very beginning.If you can play a part ten times whithout any mistake,then gradually try playing it a bit faster.Don't hurry and remember:playing slowly is much more difficult than playing fast!Practice,practice!

PS:the Paul Gilbert video Ricardo suggested is really awesome!
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