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I do some programming on my spare-time, as a hobby. So I made this Android app that
can be used for exploring and visualizing a string instrument fingerboard.
You can save images to JPEG or PNG files. You can change number of string
from 1-10, and tuning for each of them. Not a app that will teach you basic music theory
but as soon you have learned some I believe the app can be a usefull tool.
Or if you just want to make some fingerboard images, or as a tool when teaching others.
Use it also to explore inversions of chords, modes of scales, chords of scales or diatonic
movement of any kind of intervals, chords etc.

The app is only for Android devices. And best with a device with at least a 4 inch screen.
I maybe gone make it for iOS devices also some time later.

The app you find here: ... Visualizer" onclick=";return false;

And a help/information video you find at here:" onclick=";return false;

The app is 100% free and no in app advertising.
I also asked for permission to post this thread here at the message board.
If there are any questions just ask me here. But I guess the app is easy to use.

Back in the late 90's I made a Windows program called "Exploring Guitar". Also 100% free.
It has some of the same features, but is a bit out dated now. It still works but maybe not
on all Windows editions. That program is still available here:" onclick=";return false;
Just mention it, in the case if anyone noticed the similarity.
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(Updated January 10, 2015. Windows XP also supported now.)
Good news for people with a Windows OS computer.
I have just made a Windows program of this app now. Windows XP or newer OS is ok.
The features is just the same as in the Android app so watch the
video about the Android app if you want/need any user information.
The Windows program can be downloaded here:" onclick=";return false;

And I made yet another video, but this only show how to install and how you
can customize the user interface if you really want:" onclick=";return false;

I don't think there will be a iOS or MAC/OS X edition in the near future.
But never say never. If I one day make this app for iOS or OS X I will add a comment
about that here. Remember you can run Windows as a virtual computer on your MAC.
Even Android but that is something you have to Google for yourself if you really want.

Ahhh... now it is time for some more guitar playing again :guitar
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