Too scared to play slow ??

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I think the new pyrotechnique level of the electric guitar can be pretty intimidating for a lot of players. Geoff Nicholson once said that before Van Halen, someone like Paul Kossoff from Free would pass for a guitarist, and after VH "slow" guys like him look like triflers. I know an older guitarist who would quit playing in shops because he was always asked by younger guys to shred, and he couldn't. Much as I love listening to shredding, it's as much a curse and a blessing, musically.
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I like both, really fast shredding and slow.
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Looks (and sounds) like the boy's been spending a lot of time using the internet to 'develop' his right hand technique :P :mrgreen: :oops:

Sorry!! But there's only really one question to ask yourself as a player... or listener.... "Is it 'Musical'.?."

It's not the technique that counts... it's how you use it :D
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OP: Really, just... please... hush.

Pull up Zakk playing "White Christmas" and tell me he has nothing to say playing slow. I don't even have a SINGLE BLS CD and I know he can play soulfully.
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Everyone relax already, I know Zack is an awesome player and can play slowly with feeling when he wants, on this occasion I felt he was bored out of his mind and it showed in his nonsensical shredding...was just having a bit of rant and being sick of idiotic shredding in general.

Ok i'll hush up and never mention it again
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Just seems like ZW doing his thing. He's into chicken picken, wah, pinch harmonics and shredding the poop out of the pentatonic scale. Seems to be intent on burning it into his soul. Ready to rock. Some people have more of a boner for the lydian mode. Whatever floats your boat man.
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