Please tell me whats wrong here?!

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Many things can be wrong..I think that you must forget speed for a while. Achieving speed can become a prison at early stages of guitar learning and can put your psychology down.
Think this...Music is not about speed. and do the following

Set your Metronome at 40 bpm or less...-->Focus <-- and try to play your riff or your exercise as cleaner and in time as you can(this is the hard part)Think quality, not quantity. If you do this over and over you will notice that you will feel very good after a while. When you feel absolute comfortable with your exercise and it feels really natural set your metronome 5 units up. This is the best way to practice.
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hey man,.. 8)

Can't really tell you what you are doing wrong,..because you AREN'T doing anything wrong.

IF you like to play,....and you want to play fast,.....just ripp it,..stick it,....and rock out man.
Let yourself go,..feel all the thrills,...rock it all the way to OVER the top. feel it. just plain kick ass to it man. :headbang

:o There is NOTHING that anyone can do wrong on ANY guitar .
so anyone trying to tell you what you are doing wrong here is full of it. The guitar is a unique approach on everyone's experience, be perceived uniquely at a uniqe pace, with a unique delivery. Hints help,...but there's no such thing as a full hint over a keyboard. It's all about hand-eye-ear cordination,....not word interpretation via written language of any kind.

If you are having trouble playing with speed and accuracy,....then it will come for you over time,....this is not a technique that can be perfected,....shown to you,....or taught in full essence over night, or at a single sitting session.

:guitar Comfortable speed is an attitude toward the approach of playing music on the guitar.....I couldn't play fast 13 years ago,...but now after 18+ I can do whatever I want. I taught myself. because I LIKED it TRULY. If you do, will, matter what you think may be a limit on your horizon.

I can't really get all Randy and stuff and show you things that sound great to try,....because I am limited in my demonstrating by a keyboard here,...but I can tell you this.... just plain like it,....lick it,..kick it,.and stick it hard will be there before you know,..have confidence in yourself, it's all it takes.

Peace and Love,...and may you tear it up.
good luck

Ultra :)
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