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hmm a touchy topic for most!!!
at least a good 90%(on ug at least)say shred is no good!!!
kinda of a disagreeable point tho.when its done at the rite time it sounds like nothing else.
steve n joe rock in this case i mean thy r jus too damn good with the guitar evn if they're not the fastest

i like to listen to yngwie sumtimes only tho, but his shreddin is sumthin amazin@!!!!

god bless all these guys!!
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slash89 wrote:
firestone wrote:VAI IS FASTEST NUFF SAID
He might be the best player, but he is not the fastest :wink:
Yeah that's completely true. Steve himself has being quoted in many interviews that he is by no means the fastest guitarist. I think most people would agree.
But then, he's fast enough. :wink:

Jet :)
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Yes of course. Steve's speed is very good indeed :)
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I prefer melody over speed 8)
Lake Bodom
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Playing fast as a majority can be very bland, impressive, but still bland to most ears, which is why I like to include a lot of feeling in my playing, with the occasional fast part, for example, when a chord change is coming, stay on time and start of with a bend or something finishing a melody, and then proceed to play a fast lick, and end on a nice note to accommodate the new chord, the root note always sounds nice.
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Just a few quick thoughts on speed:

If you think of guitar playing as breathing, remember to come up for air every now and then, meaning - take breaks from your fast licks and do some bends with vibrato, some melodic, slower lines.

Make sure your fast lines are in time and played accurately. Sloppy speed picking that's out of time sounds pathetic.

Try to make your speedy runs sound interesting and don't just do the same type of run over and over. Use big intervals, string skipping, octave tapping or similar.

Speed is best used to create tension and drama, or to take the solo to a higher intensity level.

Be tasteful!
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Oh man shredding is what I LOOOOOOOOOVE to hear and TRY TO play lol. Of course Vai is my favorite, but I also LOOOOVE Paul Gilbert, Yngwie, and Petrucci, Bettencourt, Rusty Cooley, and Jason Becker as shredders, while some other shredders like Satch and SRV I think of more virtuosos. I also feel the same way about Vai, but after hearing Speeding, it's hard not to think of him as a straight up shredder as well.

One thing that none of these guys as soloists or instrumentals can do for me is this:
When I watch a hair metal video on a channel something like Vh1 classic, and I hear somebody like Uli Jon Roth or CC Deville do some MINDBLOWING shredding, after tough metal lyrics and instrumentals, not only do I feel like I'm playing the song, but I really feel some crazy musical connection.

Also when the shred is unexpected, and BOOM it comes, that really just gives me the same feeling lol dunno why.

Haha and my band freaks out at me when I add a shredding solo to one of our songs.

Dunno what it is but shredding.... Lol I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW ELSE TO PUT IT but it.... turns me on... not necessarily sexually of course lol but sometimes.
Hjalmar Jakobsson
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I think shredding is a bit boring after like 3 seconds but it's fun to play really really fast sometimes just to get that adrenalin kick from those extreme sweeps:D

Also speed is about technique(daaaaa) so you have to look at every player and their techniques and compare them their different techniques differently. As an example: I think Steve Vai is the fastest, without a doubt, when it comes to running around like a maniac on stage and play hard things at the same time while MAB is standing in the corner glued to heated floors :P

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I´m th fastest anyway, so why all the discussing?

somehow I think someone said this before I did.....
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There's people who can play. There's people who can shred. There's people who can move you. There's people who will THROW you. Steve Vai does everything, he can PLAY he can SHRED, MOVE, and THROW you. Listening to Passion & Warfare for abuot the 500000th time has taught me that Vai can speak through his guitar in one universal language: Music.

By the way, Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas everyone!
Hjalmar Jakobsson
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"Tiago Della Vega" is said to have the official guiness world record in "alternate picking speed"

Search on YouTube and you'll find him! :D
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Two names I never thought I would hear in a "shred" discussion":


CC Deville

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,....shredding is a cool mechanical part of playing the guitar. The more you develop your shredding technique the more comfortable you will be with trying new things. If you spend too much time speeding though, won't remember where all the street signs are, or be able to read any names of all the avenues.......if you can follow my drift :)

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