stuck in a big rut

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Distal phalanges LMFAO :lol:

Cheers, BBB, Ricardo and G! :D
Yep, the spare finger to stop noise on bend's I used to do a lot(when i was playing regular) but it is a strength thing. Can work up to that, but yes I used that tecnique on HOH last time around.
Ricardo, yes I have lots of track's etc and a metronome. Making my solo's rythmic....mmmm thats always been a biggy for me. Am concentating on that right now. Dave Wiener has a riff of the week and 1 lesson is based soley on that subject. Its helped lots already.
Using that kinda "rocking" your finger tip onto other strings when bending, yup again a great suggestion.

It's all patience. I never was before but am getting a little more mellow in my old age.

Btw, the teacher I called, will come and teach at home so I am really stoked!! We start this coming Wed.....he seems pretty cool and specialises in theory. If he can explain the old CAGE system theory to me in a way I understand it, it will all be worth it, Just for that alone :wink:

Thanks for all the advice so's good of ya to take the time out. Cheers :D
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Glad it worked out! :D
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Hey man. I know the feeling your talking about. Back when I was in high school, i hit the same rut. I could play fairly well, but it seemed I couldnt make it through an entire song to save my life. lol. I would recommend you pick a song thats not to tough, for example, "Dont Cry; GnR", get the tab from somewhere like , and learn the chording (chord progression) to the song first. Once you can play along with the song chords only, then learn the picking of the chords, once again, using the tabs. Once you feel comfortable playing along with the song, picking the chords the way the song is played, then use tabs to learn and solos/riffs that you dont already know from the song. Dont cry seems like a great song for you to work on, because technically, its not to difficult, but you will learn quite a bit by learning the song. I hope this helps!
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