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Well I agree with that because Zappa was sort of a bridge between the common folk of the world and 20th Century music along with the latest tech. On top of that, not being a blasted snop about it (haha).

Therefore my sense of logic says that Steve and Zappa play music like most of the world never heard because most of the world has better access to them.

What vexes me is that often when things sound different people relate it to horror or some kind of science or maths that they do not know. Look at this in Hollywood they play Greek Bouzuoki in a tradition wedding dance style then turn it into a them for some Vampire Swamp Bloodsucker.

As far as I think Xenakis sounds music sounds more like a Greek and Turkish girl greasing up some high tech tormentors to relive past lesbos island glories after fantasies of bareback dolphin riding. Therefore more Erotic. (Mozart should really be played in the Horror films)

Anyway my viewpoint has been for the last year of Post-Romanticism. I feel that most people can relate to that with as much of an open mind that they will ever have, and you won't have to pull out a graphic calculator for every note with that (hehe).

Perhaps someday more people will be ready for more, and maybe I will be some olde stuffy 20th century guy.

I am glad that this thread is helping me find some new theory books to purchase though.

Maybe the Frogs that live in the Bogs feel different about it though. We should send out a microphone and hear what they are up to.
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