exhausted after practicing 8 hrs:(

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Sounds like too much practice...
try these:
1. Seriously; lay off the energy drinks. They are poison. Check out where taurine comes from, and see if you can find a drink without this ingedient...
2. go to an art gallery, concert, go see a play, visit an industrial showcase, have a conversation... anything... break the routine...inspiration lies in the totality of human experience.
3. get out of your room...play with people. Many share you dedication and commitment to being the best you can be...share your gift.
4. put your instrument aside and just hum music & write it down...you may be suprised...
5. Listen, listen, listen.
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word up on that
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guitarbonham wrote:I don't practice near that much, but i play with a million different bands. practicing on your own will only get you so far. if you really want to improve in a short amount of time find some people to jam with! I'm not saying practicin a ton is bad lol definatly not true but I think thats one important part that a lot of people skip out on... idk about you... it also keeps you awake a lot more then doing mindless speed exercises or even learning new songs.
Yeah playing with others is probably one of the most important things you can do..
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Don't drink energy drink, drink water, they are right.
Rest for 5 minutes or then every now and then.
That's it.
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What do you people think about Siestas? I find taking a power nap in the late afternoon helps refresh my mind a lot.

I usaully wake up first thing and practice scales. Then go for a jog. Then I go to work. I come home play a bit. Then I take a power nap, and I find it is the best way to work on new material and "sight read." After a little nap.

Before my brain would get really tired you know. Yet this nap idea seems to help me a lot because my brain is refreshed and little sharper.

I agree with jamming with others but it seems hard to find people that want to do a little more then just three chords and a blues scale. Unless they are already pros or something you know.

I wonder if working with my midi is really helping at all.
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Naps are absolutely vital.

Practicing for hours without pauses and relaxation actually have the same effect as two hours of concentrated exercising, I think.

One good technique is the japanese technique of inemuri (居眠り), something that a lot of japanese businessmen are masters in, it is where you can take an instant nap in every situation, even if you're standing in a bus and you have to get out at the right station.

8 hours... that's actually enough, I think. Remember that you have a life besides guitar playing. Guys like Govan, BBF, Steve or Satch may have had their times where they practiced VERY hard, but they've also had lots of fun besides, and this is also, very vital.

Also works for those die-hard bastards who try to master classical guitar, may god be with 'em.
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Well i wanna reply at bbb.

You 've got a great passion for the guitar and you can think i wanna be a terroristic guitar player ,you can become it but just a little thoughts so:

1)your health is more important than the guitar.Feel your body and your mind,feel what they are tellin you and do it.Don't ask the reason why they are tellin it, do it.Your body knows what you need.

2)If you wanna become a tremendous guitarist you must understand the development about the learning progress is really important so don't want too much in so little time but search for a natural learning without any pressure.So no pressure in your mind only the desire to go ahead ,in this way today or tomorrow you'll arrive where you need.Tell at git guy to search for a girlfriend and if he had one to substitute the potatos with his girlfriend (that's the secret)

3)differentiate your practice ,take 30 hours workout by Vai and arrange it with your skills always with no pressure.

4)the guitar just like all of instruments is a ..play so get back when you were a child and play in that way.

5)the love for the guitar is great but it is inside a greater love ,love for life.

Please relax and best of luck i am sure you'll become a great guitarist.
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i m sorry my fault i was replyin at jasmine petrucci ,i m sorry again
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pagliai wrote:5)the love for the guitar is great but it is inside a greater love ,love for life.
Segovia had an interesting take on this. He once said that he didn't consider himself a virtuoso because a virtuoso was a slave of his instrument, one who loved the instrument more than life itself.

He seemed to feel that loving music was more important than loving your instrument, and yet, he took it one step further and felt that to be a complete artist one had to love and have a full interest in life along with music and one's chosen instrument.
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Absolutely right budt you are sayin great words,absolutely great.
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i think 8 hours is good practice if you got the chops but even if you do you should be taking breaks and maybe a nap.

A couple of my friends practice that much everyday, i play for at least four hours a day but i get more done then they do becuase i am way more focused.
i think even an hour of extreme concentration is more beneficial than 8 hours of playing the same 5 - 10licks over and over.

For your mind to learn something and soak it up, breaks and sleep are more important than any amount of practice

but if you got the time then why not put it to good use.!
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Dyens wrote:There is no reason to practice that much a day. You could probably pack all of what you're doing into 5 hours or less. Aspiring classical musicians don't even practice that much as BBB said. There is simply no reason to and the risk of injury is far too high. Don't practice so damn much. The only reason anyone would do that much practicing is to brag/complain about it later.
It's true. That is a ridiculous amount of time to practice. Now say you practiced for 6 of those hours and then wrote songs with the other, i'd say that's fine but 12 hours of straight practice is absurd and unnessecary. Though, it is comendable. If you get tired after 8 hours, then stop. You deserve a break. I have a friend whos ridiculous at guitar, you can close your eyes and swear it was petrucci playing. And he's only 17 and admits to about 6 hours of PLAYING a day, not all of which are straight practice. It's quality, not quantity.
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It's the energy drinks, in no way are they healthy at all, water and some dilute goes down easier and quicker, plus get a filter or leave water out on the bench in a large jug, nothing worse than ice cold water, seriously.
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Well... well... After reading all messages, I feel like I sould give up playing guitar. I'm struggling everyday to motivate myself in order to play guitar. At the moment I play 3 to 4 times a week, usually one hour per practice session. For that one hour, I'm completely focused on what I want to achieve on that day; I know that my practice routine is all about quality. But I still think that I don't play as much as I should. What do you think?

I admit that it's more comfortable to come home after work and relax in front of your TV, and very often I just don't have enough time (I know what you're thinking... if you love your guitar then get the time... you're probably right) but playing guitar is exhausting for me and I wish I'd have a more relaxing hobby. That's the shattering truth :cry:
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boswell wrote:Forget the energy drinks, drink water.

Energy drinks only last for so long. After a few hours your sugar level drops and you'll end up even more tired than you originally were.
Lucky Charms wrote:It's quality, not quantity.
Great point. What works for one person isn't going to necessarily work for someone else.
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