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Out of intrest I would like to ask what kind of books do guitar players here use for studying?

I'm currently using:
- Guitar Compendium by Howard Roberts & Garry Hagberg
- Astor Piazzolla: Tango Etydes for Solo Violin
- Mick Goodrick: The Advancing Guitarist

...and I'm using the Fire Garden transcription book to learn the Fire Garden Suite. :)
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I got the following 2 just to start my collection of serious library of guitar literature and to have something to do over the summer

Ted Greene: Chord Chemistry
William Leavit: A Modern Method For Guitar (the book with all 3 volumes in it)

I've just slowly started on them as I just recently got my guitar back together, Chord Chemistry is a really great reference for all those jazzier chords and concepts about chord building and such but I'm thinking about getting the Modern Chord Progressions one as well (which I expect would have more information about putting all that stuff to use)

the Modern Method For Guitar is also good, I mainly got it to learn how to read standard notation (or maybe even sightread, I'll see how it goes) but to what I've looked over it ahead its got some other pretty cool stuff as well
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Ted Greene: Chord Chemistry
The Frank Gambale Technique Book I
The Frank Gambale Technique Book II
Albert Lee Advanced Country Guitar
Modern Chord Progressions by Ted Greene

These are some books I have found very helpful.
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another great book, is guitar 10 minute work out. it has veros methodds
Angel Rivero
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I on ly have :
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline it's no so much about theory but it's very helpful
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i collect books

the really useful ones are

speed mechanics for lead guitar
john petruccis rock disipline + wild stringdom
paul gilberts intense rock 1+2, terrifying guitar trip, guitars from mars 1+2 and Get out of my yard dvds

and the racer x tab books!
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