Slow Sweep picking

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bubble wrote:The health authorities may not came storming through your backdoor, but mr carpel tunnel syndrome loves to punish people who practice in the wrong way for prolonged does 2 operations, a permanent 4inch scar from your elbow down, 6 months rehab before you start playing again sound...

That's right.. I am a great example of how bad technique can nearly ruin your playin carreer. Now I'm not saying that adding in the odd hammer on or pull off will do this, but beware that incorrect technique played vigoursly for prolonged periods of time can put you out for a bit.

On the plus side because I can only play with "proper" tecnique ( I am using this loosely so as not to start a good/bad technique argument with anyone) I can pick/sweep/ etc like an absolute badass, so whilst rsi is not a whole lot of fun, in the long run my playing (and therefore career) has improved. How ironic is that??!?
Hey man i know how you feel, except i have cubital tunnel.
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