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Harmonic Minor

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 2:20 am
by moto_psycho
In every description on the harmonic minor it has said to create it you raise the 7th a half step. I recently purchased a book "Guitar Grimoire - modes and scales" and it says you flat the 3rd and 6th. Is there 2 ways of writing it?

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 3:37 am
by Roger
You can either think of it as a minor scale with a raised 7th or a major scale with a flatted 3rd and 6th.

harmonic minor: 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7
major: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
minor: 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 6:04 am
by shader
the 2nd way is just stupid and confusing. think of it as a minor with a raised 7th

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 6:39 pm
by jmchambers5
unless of course you only want to learn one scale, then do the second way.

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 1:01 am
by Ricardo
Recognize why both ways are correct, and then learn how the scale relates to the key signature (harmonic minor has an accidental). Once you get the key signature, you don't need the numbers or which easier scale is most similar. You just understand what are the notes.


Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 5:29 am
Roger is absolutly right. The reason why there are 2 is because in certain arrangments the key sig is a certain way so to stay with a formula it's either major or minor.

I leave it a minor all the time even if I'm wrong sometimes.

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 8:55 am
by jmchambers5
If you want to be all technical then harmonic minor is a minor scale with a raised seventh. It's chief purpose is to creat a leading tone in the third of the 5 chord in a minor key, so it's related to minor, not major. It is music though, and however you want to think about it is fine, because as long as the sound is there, who cares? The rest is just labels so you can communicate sound to someone else.

What chords do you play a harmonic scale over?

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 6:35 pm
by karlj
My guitar teacher told me that you can just play it straight over any minor chords but it just doesn't sound right to my ear. If somebody could tell me some good progressions to play the scale over that would be great!

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:11 am
by shader

i V or i V7

eg, A harmonic minor alternate between Am and E or E7 chords