Whats Ur guitar and why? Whats the next one u want to get?

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how much is that maiden strat?
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my "baby" is a UV777. in hindsight, i wouldn't have minded getting a different guitar (only because i don't want to seem like a clone...) but seriously, no complaints about the guitar, it's a sexy beast. :twisted:
my other one's just a stock standard Strat.

planning? well, when i have the money, i wouldn't mind getting some work done on both of them (maybe). i'd love the UV to have a sustainer, a coil tap for the 2 'buckers and change the switching so i can do any pickup combination i want. the Strat... well maybe some new pickups, i'm not sure atm.

i've had my eye on a Schecter C1 EA for a while. i like the features but haven't actually played one yet... anyone here know if they're as good as what i've read about them?
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My guitar is an ibanez s 540, from the late 80's. Made before i was born! pretty sick bro. But its awesome, floyd rose bride, 22 frets, H-S-H config. I love it!!! I the tech said some of the models were designed by vai on one of his tours!!! one of the moderators might know something about that. But it has the most insane neck i have ever played! its the greatest. and when i get the money im putting EMG's in it. I wish i had money :(

I call her, "The Lockness Monster" because of the locking trem system.
left face down
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My guitars: (screw just having one)
Ibanez Geo GRX40
Sonata Acoustic/Electric
Ibanez RG1570 (main guitar)
Ibanez Talman TC420 (down tuning guitar)
Ibanez RG570 (back up guitar)
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I have a low-end Ibanez GRG170, from the new 2004 line-up. The new ones they build in Indonesia...


I know it's a cheap axe (210€) with cheap pickups, cheap wood, cheap bridge and cheap everything, but I simply love it. :mrgreen:

Thinking about the next one, I'm really interested in some ESP, but I also love the JS series shape.
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the guitars i own are this dearmond m-55 i got for a mear 100 bucks i love this guitar, its a bit dinged but i still love to play on it, and i recently got an ibanez s-370 for 280 bucks i love this thing too nice and thin with a big tone, and for a future guitar

Dearmond m-55
thats not the color of mine, mine is a maroon color

Ibanez S-370
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Ibanez Roadstar 2 Series Steve Lukather Model. I got it because my Uncle knew a guy who buys and sells guitars. My uncle went down, picked up a Guitar which the guy had picked out. When i first layed eyes on it i was thinking "No, i dont think i'll get this one. Its too expensive and a bit out of my league."

But i kept it for a while, for free :D and i played away on it, and soon fell in love with it. My folks and my oldest brother helped me pay for it. Now, i cant put my guitar down, its my pride and joy.
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My past/current guitars -

Yamaha RGX420D6 (baritone, don't have it any more)
Epiphone Les Paul Classic 7 String (soon to be sold)
Westbury Standard w/DiMarzio SuperDistortion on the bridge (great little guitar)
Yamaha Pacifica <- one I rescued from the dump, just to play around with!

Future guitar -

I'm in love with the Ibanez "Prestige" RG1527 7 string. So dya know what I did? I bought it :D

Should be here tomorrow morning.
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I had an Epiphone Les Paul Special black for 1 year
I sold it to my sister and it was signed by Joe Satriani.

I now have and Ibanez JS100 red for 2 years already.

I have a Regal classical guitar for 1.5 years already.

I also have a baritone Ukelele!!! 8) I can really shred on it! tuned the same way as the guitar's high e, b, g, and d strings.

I want to get the Ibanez RG1527 because of the versatility of the seven string. I want it for better playability and comfort.

I just sent a PM to you Paul O. :wink: about the RG.
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esp viper-100, no customisations or anything, just the standard.

why? because it had the best sound for the money I had to spend. That actually supprised me because I tried some much more expensive guitars but still actually prefered the viper.

next guitar....haven't made up my mind yet, there are so many to choose from
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i would love the blonde strat yngwie plays with the scalloped fret board it looks so nice and isnt to easy to play not like a gibson sg is quite its very nice looking but is a bit to easy to play and i want somthing a bit of challange
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im playing one of the ibanez SA series. the SA160QM
why? it's my first guitar, and it was the best one i could afford as student.
and i got a cort western guitar and ibanez bass.
the next one: i'm not sure, first i'd love to buy a 12 string, and then... well, let's see what tomorrow brings...
The Extremist
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Im thinking about either getting a Jackson or a Paul Gilber Ibanez. The one i played 2 days ago was sweet.
Ryan Layton
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early tomarrow morning im getting a new classical from my guitar teacher at school. im trying to get some pictures of me with all my guitars so maybe ill put it up here soon.
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i have played a couple of jackson's they where alright, the pg ibanez i dont know anything about i have seem a few on ebay though but never actully looked them
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