Help me decide.. in depth JEM discussion!

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i have a love/hate relationship with evolutions but in the right guitar in to the right amp they can sound great.for me they work best with a 250k volume pot ymmv.
the gravity storm pups are my favourite at the moment,cant get a bad sound out of them.highly recommended(and ive owned a lot of dimarzio pups)
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i have a set of gravity storms on my desk right next to me

...waiting for the right guitar to put 'em in
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So I got my Evolution today and put it in, and its pretty much exactly what I was after! I've found its a lot cleaner than other pickups - by which I mean the notes seem to be more separated in a chord rather than a blur.
Accidently got an F spaced though, but for some strange reason the pole pieces still sit directly under the strings the same as a standard spacing humbucker.. go figure! :lol:

I've heard a lot about the Evolutions being too top heavy, especially in JEMs, but mine is pretty much perfect in that axe. It just feels and sounds so much better than the Duncan I was using.
Has anybody compared the Vai pickups in the same guitar? If what they say about Evos and JEMs is true I might pick up a set of Gravity Storms at the same time I (hopefully) get a JEM and swap them out
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