I built a kit jem-ish guitar...

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I needed something new / that involved a project, for cheap, with the promise of good bang for the buck..

We'll what I did was order one of those raw, DIY guitar kits from ebay. I had a hard time deciding, but in the end I ordered something that was supposed to assemble up to look, *mostly*.. like a Jem77.
It was a real cheap version, so...no claw cutaway. cheap and basic Floyd Rose. No name pick-up's.
I don't think it's actually the same size as a jem, but it's cut-out's were done to look very similar.
And of course it has the very hip handle... Body is supposedly Mahogany..for whatever thats worth.
Wood was decent enough as I sealed and sanded it. Pretty light.

The pluses were the very inspiring T.O.L inlay.. and the end result looking like a jem77 to the untrained eye. Or really..totally clueless eye. But I don't play out much so it's mostly a home studio piece.

I stumbled through my first guitar assembly, and over-all was happy with the project. lot's of learning. It's really cool playing a guitar you carefully crafted yourself (well .. 'assembled' ahem)

The neck is a funny piece. It came needing a fret job and still needs it, but I was able to knock down some high fret's with some pressure and get the thing to stay in tune and play..

With out some dis-assembly and drilling the action can't get set to super low. It's mid height action. not high.

Part of the allure of getting this model is super low action and that super slim neck. This kit has neither.. The neck you get in the kit is fat like a fender. I thought about sanding it...or taking it to a shop, but I assembled it as is, and don't really have a problem playing to my best, and exercising on it. And It probably helps with the sustain so the heck with it. I'm sorta glad you can't exactly re-create a $1,400 guitar that easily.

It sounds pretty great through distortion effect's my old guitars didn't sound good through...so I like that I got a new hot-rodded tone.. and the T.O.L inlay.. priceless.. so inspiring...especially now that I've got the major scale under my fingers and I can take it all over the tree. Very cool indeed.

I'd say I ended up with something I could have got for $250 to $300 at a store. I haven't written (printed/drawn etc) anything on the guitar that would suggest it's anything more than it is. Such has Ibanez on the head-stock. Or any of the 'Steve stuff'
However, I did consider "hybridez" for it's fender-feel neck .. :)
Or Lie-banez.. cause well.. Can you get $1,400 of stuff for $140? In this case.. No. nope, nada, zip.

Hope you enjoyed my write up//review. Hope you don't hate me. 8)
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Pictures or it didn't happen!

I've thought of doing the same thing. I was going to get an "out of the swirled body" and try my shot at makng everything else. The neck seemed much to complicated so I never tried, but building a kit might be fun!
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Hows video?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF90RyYeKbM" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And I finally got the nerve to take it back apart and make some adjustments.

The neck pickup was jammed into it's space and wouldn't adjust, and the pick guard was jammed against the bridge height adjuster's. I got the dremel tool out and cleared everything up.
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