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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to re-wire my guitar (jackson soloist) w/ little success and need some help. I have read soldering and wiring material on the web, so i don't think it's a problem of cold joints.

Instead of wiring the stock option of 2 humbuckers and a 3-way switch i've even tried just going basic w/ a humbucker to a volume knob and then out to the jack and still no sucess.

My problem is that once I've re-wired everything and plug in to an amp, I simply don't have any signal coming out-- no sound at all, even if i turn knobs or tap the p/ups.

Pots are new, so my guess is that the wires are the problem. The p/up wires are sheilded .22 guage while my replacement wire options are non-shielded .16 or .24 guage.

So, my first question to all the techs here is: can using two different gauges and the non-shielded vs. shielded wire cause problems in getting the signal to flow?

Help appreciated,
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your non shielded wire shouldn't be a problem. You may be grounding out the signal somehow, or have the pots wired in reverse. Start simple, check the cord is plugged into the amp correctly (I have made this mistake) Get a multi meter and check for a short circuit. First take some signals directly off the P/U to make sure the coils haven't shorted out. Then try the pots ect... Your components are probably ok, but it is good to check them so you don't waste time solidering
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