My Jem won't stay in tune!!

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Hello viewers and hopefully Patrick the king of all tuning related stuff...

My Jem will not stay in tune! Ever since i was doin some crazy whammy related stuff - which the Lo Pro came right out and almost smacked me in the head lol..

Ever since then i got new pivot posts things and new trem springs put in, it just wont stay in tune..

Can any of you guys help me...The tech who worked on it said it won't properly ever go back to amazing tuning again!!

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have it blocked so it can only go down instead of up at all

its probably your quickest and easiest fix
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Are these new posts original Ibanez posts? Are they locked?

What's the condition of the knife edges of the trem?

What where you doing that you ripped out a complete trem??? :D
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Jeroen wrote: What where you doing that you ripped out a complete trem??? :D
on my ex-guitar, an ibanez 1570 I literally ripped out the trem from the guitar first week I bought it

I knew shit about an instrument then (first guitar, never ever played an instrument before except the block-flute) so my first string change and tuning session after that went terribly wrong,.Trem was waaaaaaaaay up at one point, and then one of my posts jumped right out of the wood

anyway, I soon found out the reason was the wood guitar was made of...yeah, you guessed it...basswood!!

of course, it was all fixed in a few days, so young breeder was able to torture neighbors happily ever after
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When the trem is off of the guitar, can you move the posts back and forth. If you can, you may have actually forced and compacted the wood around the post bushings. This would allow the bushings to move, creating tuning instability. The correct way to fix this is to have the holes filled with dowels and then re-drilled. Although, it could just be a set-up issue, or one of the posts may be bent.

I would not trust a tech that said it might not ever be the same. They either are not knowledgeable, or they do not like working with Floyd Roses.
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worst case as said before, the hole for the bushing can be fixed with a dowle. I have had a couple of issues like this, nothing where the trem popped out of the guitar though. In those cases i pulled the bushing and put wood glue in the post holes. The glue will stick to the wood and not the metal meaning it will hold the post but the post bushing wont be forever bonded to the body.

could you post some pictures of the trem, guitar and anything you think might be causing the problem?
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No go on the dowel!!!!!!
If you need to replace he wood around the posts, it should be done with a plug, not a dowel.
With a dowel, you would be drilling in to the end-grain of the wood, and that's the weakest area.
If you use a plug, you drill in to the face of the wood. Much, much stronger....
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