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I am officially an Ibanez Jem Owner!!!

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2003 10:57 pm
by Junebughunter
Last night I recieved my first Ibanez Jem. It is a Jem7VSBL. It is absolutly amazing and like man have said no picture online has ever done this guitar justice. It is beautiful. and I like the looks on it better the the 7vwh or just about any jem...(except the anniversary models, dna's etc etc ;)) I have been playing it all day and it rocks I just need to get used to the inlays

When I look at the guitar when I play it throws me off a little seeing the inalys vs dots. Same thing happened when I scalloped my frets on the other guitar (frets 19-24). Anyway it is a great guitar.

Thanks Vai for making the Jem :) :lol:

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:36 am
by mange

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:42 am
by Word
Awesome man! I'm sure you'll be happy with it! :)

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 7:43 am
by Nilsefix
if i ever buy a jem , its goin to be signed(hopefully) and placed in a monter.. hehe . eyecandy 2k ... i wouldnt dare to play it :P

and i have told myself , if i ever get hold of a JEM10th .... im going to be buried with it. THAT is the most beutiful guitar ever made.---

seriously ...


Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:43 am
by Junebughunter
I am the kind of guy that believes that guitars should be played. That is what they are for. Wether they are worth thousands or $ the heck out of them...just be more careful with the expensive one :)

I'll have pics up by tonight hopefully

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:44 am
by UV
Congrats man! Good luck with it!

v :D

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 8:47 am
by death cube k
cool man, the blue ones look fuckin awesome,
i have a jem7bsb and cant put it down.
have fun with your new beast

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 1:17 pm
by Junebughunter
Click for larger images...

finally some pictures that do this guitar a little justice...taken by me :) sorry about the finger prints I just got done playing her (I named her Braye by the way)







Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 12:37 am
by Jai0705
Pretty nice man, enjoy!

(Man I need to find a JEM in a left handed model!)

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:21 am
by Carlo de Dios
the sparkles are quite cool

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:44 am
by Dave Goodland
love the feeling of getting a new Jem hey
can't stop looking at it I bet :lol:

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 11:07 am
by Junebughunter
I played her for almost 2 hours last night...without even being plugged in. I just held her in my arms

I named her Braye btw...she just looks like a Braye to me...I wrote her name on the back of the headstock with a I do all my guitars

Cool guitar

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 2:32 pm
by jem777az
Nice guitar Junebug! I also read in a previous post of yours that you are gonna pick up a Mesa Stereo 2:Fifty to go with your MP-1. That is my exact setup (I also have a VHT GP-3 preamp) and it absolutely smokes! I think you'll enjoy it :D

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 2:53 pm
by Junebughunter
I would...down the to pick up a triaxis off ebay though...I can't afford one new...What do you think of the VHT preamp?

and yeah I really want the 2:50. I saw a new one with the new style in guitar center the other day for $900...when I talked to Mesa they said it was 600 or was it 699? anyway...what is up with that I thought you had to sell mesa at the same price everywhere


Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2003 10:39 am
by 962
hey Emerson, there's a leftie of the Jem555.......Steve has one, check out the photos of his axes! 8)

I still prefer the 7vWH. Man I gotta get it signed some time.

Yeah, too right, play the hell out of it! If you're not gonna play an amazing standard guitar, there;s no point having it, unless you're too rich to be worth knowing, or are given one each time the model line comes out!