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Hey guys. Me and this dude have a school project coming up. Now what does this have to do with guitars? Well. He plays piano and I play guitar and we've decided we want to constuct a piano. As you might know in every hammer the piano has there's about 200 parts, and our goal is to eliminate those huge numbers and go straight to the essentials. Ofcourse we're not going to make a huge grand piano with an entire 8 octave range, no, we're going for 3 octaves. Still no guitars? Here they come. The idea is to make a really compact piano. Piano -> strings -> no large sound box... So if we are to go for steel strings, we're going to have a tough time making a solid construction that can handle the stress. This would however be a nice thing to amplify, because 3 octaves means 6x6 strings, meaning we can just wire 6 pickups ourselves (an interesting process by itself I guess), and go for an amplifier. But as I said, will it hold the stress? Also getting machine heads for each string is expensive. If this proves a big problem, we should go with nylon probably, but how does one amplify that? So, basically, this is only an idea yet. One last shout: Why chromatic? Harmonicas are diatonic (mostly) and they don't get a lot of bullshit for that, even though you can't tune them. You can tune strings... Oh well. So does anyone have any ideas maybe? Something? :P Well thanks anyway 'cause we need all the help we can get I guess :roll:

PS. I hereby unofficially copyright the idea, eh! :lol:
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Too late, I just patented it :)
Just kidding, maybe you can add a mic and amplify that if you want to go with nylon. I'd put reinforcement rods every now and then to make sure it will hold the stress.
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It sounds a bit like an electric clavichord- 'clavinet'.
Clavichords were notoriously quiet instruments since the brass string was struck with a mallet ( a 'tangent') and stayed in contact with the string until the key was released. However this also meant you could use dynamics and add vibrato with after touch of the key! Although the sound was quite exquisite, it was mainly used for personal practice.
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Try a Keytar. Those rule.
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IbanezGRX wrote:Try a Keytar. Those rule.
Yea... :roll: not too sure about that.
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Guitarmiester wrote:
IbanezGRX wrote:Try a Keytar. Those rule.
Yea... :roll: not too sure about that.
the dude from Dragonforce would disagree
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yeah, it doesn't work. Sorry keyboard players, you just can't look cool playing keyboard.
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haha seljer, the dude at the bottom right corner of yur pic is just so cool :lol:
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