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OMG, my very first guitar was a Supro. I have a picture of it somewhere and will have to put it up. The guitar is currently in my basement in pieces. One of these days i will have it restored. Sad to say, but it got into a little accident at one of our teenage parties :cry: .

I picked up an Ibanez 570 FM the other day. Candy Apple red with a nice flame top. I am starting to get use to it. Just had to mention that here. I am starting to have some fun with the Floyd Rose :). Peace
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mine was an epiphone lp100 and ive still got it
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M first guitar was a Squier Strat 8)
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My first guitar a Dean Dimebag Dime O Flage and it's still my best guitar :D
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Squire strat... whammy bar broke on second day :D
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Evai wrote:Squire strat... whammy bar broke on second day :D
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'63 Fender Musicmaster in "Maroonburst".

Yes, I got it new. :D

Yes, I am "older." :P

No, I don't have it anymore. :(

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ibanez rg1570
I actually pulled out whammy bar when I tried to change strings for the first time :shock: :roll: :oops: :oops:
I don`t own it anymore since it was stolen

edit:I wrote wrong guitar model
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My first guitar... I don't remember what brand it was, but it was this Strat-like guitar but didn't have a pickguard, the pickups (2 humbuckers) were mounted in it. All black, ebony fretboard that felt like a small tree branch. It even had a built in speaker that was powered by a 9V battery. The trem on this thing... I need to get a pic of this thing, I'm pretty sure I brought the guitar to my uncle's years ago and left it there. Maybe he used it for fire wood by now.

Yea, I think I got all of you guys beat. :roll:
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cheap strat copy,
a few months later when i started getting better i bought a 250$ ibanez iceman (icx120 the shitty kind)

eventually i broke the headstock on that and bought my rg550 20th anniversary yellow guitar

which is the besssst
Stephen Brown
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My first guitar was a nylon acoustic guitar with just a K on the head stock.
My first electric guitar was a Guild Madeira. White strat copy with a pointy head stock.
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My first guitar was an old woolworths guitar, looked like shit but i loved it at the time.
smashed it up.
number one of about 30 methinks, last one i smashed up was a strat. :twisted:
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Mine was a crappy little nylon acoustic that had the brand name "Sears" printed on the crappy little headstock. It's crappy little bridge broke when my crappy little self decided I liked steel strings better than nylons. Then I got my first electric. It was a strat copy that my guitar teacher got piece by piece off of eBay and put together at his house. It was surprisingly good for what it was. The neck was kinda wonky, but it had good, low action and I later installed a killswitch on it just for fun. Now I have an RG4EXQM1TB. I love it. I put an Evo 2 in the bridge and a Breed in the neck. I'm gonna replace the middle soon, I'm just not sure what I'll replace it with.
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My first was a fender squier telecaster..sunburst,white pickguard.Maple neck.It was a nice guitar..real bluesy.Japanese made.It was cheap,cost me around $250 but was a nice little starter guitar.Ended up trading that guitar after about a year to a 1987 Fender American Std.Strat..Still have it,and use it frequently.
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A Squier strat, like so many others here, got it from a friend by trading it for a spare Iron Maiden ticket. :oops: :D Abused the tremolo like there was no tomorow, but it held up! Tried alot of things with it, tuned it like the six lower strings on a seven string, but with 10-46 strings, quite loose indeed... :lol: After an honorable service I sold it to another friend for about 50$. I actually miss it sometimes... :cry:
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