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Mr. Supertron
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A Peavey Raptor

I still have it. I had no clue about what yuo could screw up by tigtening things or loosening things. The nut on the output jack was always coming loose so I used an adjustable wrench to tighten it up. What I didn't realize was this spun the jack around and snaped off the connections. So when I tried to get a signal out of it, I was lost. Luckily for I had an experienced neighbor who had worked on guitars and played for over 30 years. He took it to work with him and fixed for so I had it back the next day. Thanks Steve for fixing it. I am glad my Ibanez doesn't have a jack like that. Not that its a big problem but when you are a noob, everything is a problem.
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loose Jack nuts are the generic guitar problem, got it drives me nuts
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I had a Sakai Strat copy with a Linear 50W combo, I repositioned all the bridge saddles to match Ritchie Blackmore's, the intonation must have been appalling but I didn't notice.
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I had a secondhand fender strat (oh yeah it was a real american strat) purchased for £80, I had problems with it so I took it back to the shop and I changed it for a Crafter Cruiser, (BTW I didn't know much about guitars back then and nor did the shop) and I used to play it through a 30 watt Kustom amp.

all sounded pretty shit when I listen to old snippet recordings lol, but I was happy. :)
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1995 Fender Telecaster,and 1987 Fender American Std.Strat,purchased both in 97'.Telecaster was ok..fender has dimarzio hs-3s.Still have the strat and use it on occasion.My #1 guitar now is my jem VWH.
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Squire strat..... from argos :oops:

sold it six months later and got a nice jackson :D

next guitar... Ibanez Universe UV7BK :) mmm..

When am I getting it? Umm.... another 3 years :oops:
The Prayer Whisperer
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I had a Montana Acoustic guitar. It had a badly glued in set neck, a flame maple veneer, plastic cream binding, a black painted plastic fretboard, sticker inlays, and it sqeaked like a dying mouse every time you moved a finger. I still have it.

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My first guitar was a silvertone s-11 revolver with a 10 watt silvertone beginner pack amp, that i got through my uncle because his brother in-law owned a music store. I still have it, but i tricked the shit out of it. Now its got a full scallop neck and a breed pup in the bridge and a PAF pro in the neck.
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An AWWWWFUL Silvertone Stratocaster I got w/ the starter kit
cosmic ape
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Spanish sort of entry level classical guitar. the brand is called "Admira", and I'm pretty sure it has laminated rosewood back and sides. Not expensive, but not so cheap either. My dad bought it before I was born, and I didn't touch after junior year high school... After that, it was pretty much mine. I left it with my dad when I moved out, though... I play it every time I go visit...
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77 les paul special, I could have done worse
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X -Mas present years ago: a black CORT electric guitar ordered from a SEARS catalog of all places.
I thought my Dad bought me a Kramer guitar because we went to a shop in November of that year and I told him "That's all I want!" "You never have to buy me another present again." I later learned the guy that worked there talked my Dad out of buying the Kramer because of the price and I never played a guitar. (waste of money?) Anyway, I got the CORT. It had an onboard effects package built into the guitar. There was a reverb, delay, chorus buttons below the volume and tone control knobs. That hurt my playing for awhile. All I did was mess with the effects without knowing how to play a chord or scale. I threw darts at that guitar and lit it on fire one night. I still have my 1st 10 watt Fender amp though!
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My first guitar was a Squier Strat and then i moved right across to a Squier Tele.
Little Dan
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my first guitar was one that i bought of a good friend for 100 aus dollars.
it was a beringer starter kit.
he threw in the amp aswell, so guitar and amp for 100 bucks.
i wouldn't sell that guitar for a thousand now.
the amp i don't care for. but the love i have put into that instrument can't be filled by money.

it plays beautifully, better and better everyday, and when it's sitting next to my rg350ex and my jem7vwh it still gets picked up by me everyday.

i don't think i will ever sell a guitar. i don't think that anyone besides you can share the bond that you have with your guitar.
they don't appreciate it nearly as much as you do.
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an indonesian double fat squier. sparkle black paint. crappy guitar. but a good first. it was a 20th anniversary.
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