First Guitar you owned

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A Sears Silver Tone. No kidding. I have know idea where it went.
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Here's a pic of me with my first guitar...a 1962 Maton Fyrebird (with Bigsby)

Not a very good pic...I was was 1970...heh

Image was a red one..
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My first guitar: Image
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this one... yep it wasn't as it is today 8)
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Mine was a BC Rich Warlock Platinum Pro series, but since i started playing ibanez rgs, and i have never turned back since, i think they are the best guitars in the world!!!! :D
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a samick strato lsm-80t
very cheap guitar..

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Heres mine

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Tom Gilroy wrote:Ok well a few years ago (six or seven) my Dad bought an early '80s Hank Marvin signiture strat. It didn't really suit him so he didn't use it much but he didn't want to sell it. So he left it in a case a while and it went untouched. Then I said I wanted to play guitar and he just gave it to me.

Here's the info on it. It has 3 Seymour Duncan Hotrails running through two capacitors so at the flick of a switch I can get a single coil sound minus hum fom the pickups, or a warm Gibson-esque sound (all are individually switched). It has two push/pulls, one acting as an independent rear pickup toggle, the other putting the back pickup out of phase. Then I put some graph tech saddles in there. Super sustain. Maple board and its been recently refretted. Trem blocked. Finally I have to admit that it is (and don't laugh because trust me it's better than 95% of all strats) a Squier. But if you know your guitars you'll know that the early Squiers (particularly the higher ones like the Hank Marvin sig) are incredibly good. As good as any fender in the last 20 years outside of Custom Shop models.

I've played other guitars (piles of them) but none surpass it, though some do equal it. I will be getting a 7vwh soon enough and I don't think any I've played were better than my strat, just as good. And no Gibson or even a PRS has even compared. It's that good. Again don't laugh. I'll kill you if you do. Seriously you don't know just how good it is.
i have a 57 jv squier and have had a 62 jv to i love the 57 it kicks ass over many of the modern ones i agree there .i have a 7vh and have to say the strats arent a patch on them if you have them set right, i was playing last night doing a fairly mean hendrix sound with the Jem and its close to what a strat sounds like , the main thing is the pickup hight on the middle one i found. i lowered it and it sounds good . i hope you like the jem when you get it , it may make you put down many other guitars .... did with me :)
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A marlin sidewinder strat-style guitar with locking trem.
It was a total piece of shit, but good enough to learn 'House of the Rising Sun' on it. :D
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