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Hi Everybody,

I'd like to know from all of you.....

Here comes the question:

What kind of guitar was your first? (I don't know if my grammar is working well :? )

Please Post your comments...

B.T.W. MINE (or my dad 's) was (or is) an ARIA Les Paul look-a-like

Shred On :guitar
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Maybe this topic has been here before but I have never posted
before so my first guitar was a Kramer Focus 3000.
I bought it back in 1988 I believe and of course I was a fan of Edward
Van Halen. The guitar was white but I removed the paint.
I still got this guitar but I dont use it today. But sometimes it is nice
to play a little on it.
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mine was an encore strat copy it sucked until i turned it into a frankenstrat and then put it in the bin lol :lol:
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some epiphone acoustic, then my first electric was a epiphone SG 310
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american standard strat which I still got but it's heavily customized!
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Ha ha ha it seems very weird but my first electric guitar was Ibanez JPM 90th model, limited edition... I fetished it more then actually playing it ha ha ha... so I re-sold it to the guy who sold it to me.
Now I am playing Prestige RGs, which are the BEST guitars I've ever played so far.

I've always possesed only Ibanez guitars because they are simply the BEST to me. Extremely high quality, not exagerated weird looking guitars, balanced shapes, good sounds, good materials, they maybe don't have "vintage" look or any halo on their head like brands like Gibson or Fender, but to me vintage is just crap, especially when they become 10 times more expensive then new guitars.
High end Ibanez guitars are just the easiest to play guitars, they have extremely comfortable necks.

oopss sorry about my enthusiasm... run slightly out of topic... :oops:
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a squier showmaster, black metalic, no pick guard, h-s-s pickup setup, humbucker is dist+, other single coils are standard...
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Hehehe. My first guitar was a SMURF guitar. A toy 4 string blue plastic guitar. I was about 3 at the time, and I have the cutest pic of me with it under the Christmas tree. I'll post it as soon as I get it scanned.

As far as the first guitar that I could say was truly mine (cause borrowed one from my Dad) was a Squier Strat. Nothin special, but somehow nothing could replace it for what it is.
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Fender Squire Bullet
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Samick les paul model

It hardly has any original hardware anymore :lol:
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Aria Pro II Crackle Red Strat. I think the body was made out of particle board. I remember that the strap peg kept ripping out of the body. I don't miss it at all.
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My first guitar was a Ibanez Talman - not a bad guitar, very "toney" due to the 3 single coil aluminium covered pickups... good guitar to play, but you know...

now im runnin -

Floral Jem
Ibanez Jem 777
Ibanez S520ex
and a little SA120 lol

I'll only play Ibanez I suppose, lately... wouldnt mind a jam on a Gibson Les Paul tho... :?
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My first guitar was an acoustic Washburn D10S.

Not a very exciting model, but the way I got it was somewhat creative...

I do a lot of painting, and a few years ago my uncle asked me if I would paint a picture of his wife (my aunt.) He asked what I would charge for the painting, and, as he owns a music store, I told him I wanted a guitar. I couldn't play, but had always wanted to. So I painted the picture, got the guitar, and found someone to teach me for free. A few months later I moved up to a '57 reissue strat. (an early 80's American one in a pretty yellow. :)
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Mt first was a Torch, red with white stripes, (EVH rip off) type deal and i got it coz it looked like ed's guitar. Biggest piece of shit though. :roll: :oops: 8)
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Joined: Tue Jul 22, 2003 4:50 am old Sakura with stratocaster shape and with a terrible scallopped freatboard :cry: ..... (a maniac boy :evil: made this orror with wrong instruments....blleeeeeaaaaahhhhh)..... Jem is my faith........... 8) .......................
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