Jazz guitar?

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How do you play it? Like.. I know that it includes alot of 7th chords, but is there anything else to it?
Reason I'm asking is because today we were talking about Jazz at college, and playing it out on piano. But I thought, as soon as I played the piano, that I thought it would be better for me, to learn it on guitar, as I see my self more as a guitar player!
so.. what is there to know?
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For a real answer, there are MANY types of jazz. Each are as different as the micro-genre's of metal.

It is true that a lot of jazz utilize 7ths, etc, but it can also center around the rhythm like in Gypsy Jazz. Gypsy jazz, or swing, almost has a bluegrass beat, chug-stroke. Now, here, there is also a specific feel to the style as well, which is there the types of chords played matter (IIRC, minor 6ths are used heavily in gypsy jazz).

I would just google jazz guitarists, listen to some videos and if you like that style of music, move on to see if you can get any online lessons.

Also, search for "Jazz Standards" then type them in on Youtube. You can hopefully get a sense of how one standard can be played 100 different ways. Autumn Leaves IIRC is a popular one and Minor Swing is a old gypsy tune. I have expensive guitar that I bought after win money on the casino that I found on the website about best casino apps - here is the link casinos-rate.com

You may also get more in-depth response in the Musician Talk section if you want a real break down of how "how's and whys"
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