How did you discover your favourite guitarists

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I was taught the riff from 'Always with me Always with you' by my guitar teacher. I bought Surfing with the Alien and I was hooked from that moment. Then, when i bought the G3 album, that's when I found out about Vai (And Eric Johnson too...another amazing guitarist :) )
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My first guitar hero was Ritchie Blackmore. When I was 3 or 4 years old(over 30 years before! :shock: ), my older cousin who lived in the next house played records of Deep Purple, "IN ROCK" or "MACHINE HEAD" etc every night, that sounds were so loud that I could listen to. It made me a fan of rock musics. :D
Randy Rhoades, I red the memorial issue of the magazine, one year after he died, was very impressive, and at the same period, Jimmy Page(my friend was a great fan of him) struck my head away. :o
A few years after, I heard about the new guitar hero, that is, Steve Vai, but at that time I didn't's my regret... :cry: (I put my message on the thread "How did you discover Vai", ... ght=#35494.)

Though Ritchie don't play Stratcaster recently, I still love his music he made before and I think he is still the awesome musician. :)
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All through friends!
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One of my best buddies started playin guitar about a year prior and of course my narrow-minded simpleton view on music then was "wtf is this crazy shit?" It instantaneously grew on me and damn am I thankful. At one point i wouldn't listen to whatever he recommended because I was sick of him being the root of my music. lol. I wanted to discover some stuff but I am ever so thankful to being opened up to such musicians
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i discovered kirk hammet when i friend played me one over the phone...i fell in lov with the band....and steve vai i heard about through joe satriani....and DIMEBAG! when i heard a new level! played to me by a friend at a party!
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I discovered Mr. Big when I was 14, I guess... it was the year that To Be With You was such a hit. So I bought Lean Into It - fantastic album!!! - and then the self-titled debut... and then some Racer X stuff. And this guy at school, who was a guitar player, introduced me to Vai and Satriani...
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My dad bought the G3 '03 DVD because he read a review on it, and I was hooked from then on. I loved Satriani, Vai, and Yngwie, so I bought all of thier Cd's. Then I started to look for other "shredders". I then got into Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, John5 (his VERTIGO cd only, None of his Manson stuff!!!), George Lynch, and Michael Schenker. Just to name a few!
It's fun to listen to stuff that isn't main-stream!! SHRED is the best!!! :headbang
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I discovered my favourites not too long ago. A friend of mine gave me a lend of the Astoria DVD and I shat pink! I was so used to AC/DC etc. that I never even knew that a guitar could be played in such a way. After that I was on the hunt for more kickass guitar and found it in the form of Satch, Gilbert, Rusty Cooley, Bumblefoot (very weird), and also got a hold of some vintage Van Halen (I had only heard him on the Beat It record!). But Vai was the one that made me want to play the guitar (ever since I saw the performance of The Animal, so cool!)
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I started playing around age 14, and pretty much lived and breathed Metallica for several years. I think it was my 17th or 18th birthday my Mom had told one of her friends that I'd probably like a CD with rocking guitar work on it.

She ended up getting me Joe Satriani "Surfing with the Alien" It was the first I ever heard anyone play like that, previously I had considered Kirk Hammett the god of all things guitar. I was a very stubborn player refusing everything except Metallica until I decided to try that CD out about a month after I got it. Now I couldn't be further from the Metallica mindset, which I believe is a very good thing, but it still shines through when I play my own leads. People just hear the Hammett influence immediatly, it's becoming a very annoying occurence.

As for my first exposure to Vai, we were doing a demo in a small studio with my old speed metal band and one of the studio techs just gave me a "Passion and Warfare" cassette tape and said I might like it. Turns out I did. :)
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I grew up in the 70's listening to Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and YES with my neighborhood friends, but when I got a little bit older and started to go to Live shows and Concerts in the So.Cal area, one of the first Live shows I went to was "Blackmore's Rainbow" at the Burbank Starlight Bowl and was completely floored. Ronnie James Dio as the Lead Singer and Ritchie Blackmore in his prime. He was so loud, his down-stroke speed picking and melodic solos was something that I've never seen before and will never forget to this day, thats where I fell in love with the Guitar and have been addicted ever since...
Growing up in the L.A. area, I have seen everyone from DiMeola, Schon, Vai, Satch, Petrucci, Schenker, Clapton, Santana, Gilbert and many-many more, right up close and personal too.... I feel blessed!
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Through my guitar teacher. Any time I ask him to teach me something hard I find a new guitarist I really like. Al Di Meola, Eric Johnson, and of course Steve Vai. It had some detrimental effects though. I now hate guitarists that only play metal.
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